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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Ulli G. Niemann
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1.How to Find Value in No Load Mutual Fund Investing
What are you thinking when it comes to your no load mutual fund selections? Are you saving pennies and sacrificing dollars? Are you spending your time looking at expense ratios, analyzing Morningstar ratings and searching for ...
[Added: 04 May 2006   Hits: 435   Words: 491]

2.The Inside Scoop on Mutual Fund Rip Offs
The bear market that showed up at the end of 2000 has every brokerage house-as well as the entire mutual fund industry-scrambling to find creative ways to boost both their image and bottom line. Unfortunately, this is often at the investors' ...
[Added: 18 Apr 2006   Hits: 771   Words: 754]

3.How To Find an Investment Advisor
Do you think you need an Investment Advisor? Hold on before you answer because this is sort of a trick question. Also, I am definitely biased because I am an Investment Advisor. Nonetheless, I think I can assist you in looking at this issue ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 360   Words: 907]

4.How to Pay Less and get More: Discount Broker vs Professional Management Fees
How do you invest? What do you really pay? At the end of the day, what are your real results? These are questions smart investors should be asking themselves (but usually don't). In this era ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 364   Words: 641]

5.Your Worst Enemy to Successful Investing - the Media
How do you make your investment decisions and where do you get your information? If you're like most of the people I know, you look to the experts. That's fine, however it's important to ...
[Added: 09 Mar 2006   Hits: 370   Words: 653]

6.The Demise of Buy and Hold
Based on consistent results I think Buy & Hold should be renamed Buy, Hold & Bye Bye. It sounded great for a while, especially for the huge majority of investors who don't have the time or interest in really doing due diligence on investments. Investing, ...
[Added: 02 Mar 2006   Hits: 366   Words: 681]

7.The Conflict of Interest Game
Disgruntled investors are going after Wall Street once again, this time accusing one of investment bank Morgan-Stanley's high-tech mutual funds of making biased stock picks. Recent lawsuits allege the Morgan Stanley Technology fund was influenced to buy ...
[Added: 18 Feb 2006   Hits: 347   Words: 364]

8.Find a Methodology and Minimize Investment Madness
There are many reasons to be investing these days, and too much opportunity to not have your money working for you. However, I believe the majority of people dread having to deal with investment matters, ...
[Added: 12 Feb 2006   Hits: 282   Words: 799]