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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Olivia Andrews
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151.Future of music therapy
Music therapy is applied by a qualified practitioner whereby music is used in a systematic manner to achieve therapeutic goals or purposes. These purposes or goals may include self awareness, social development, cognitive development and spiritual enhancement. Therefore, music therapy helps in the fulfillment of physical, ...
[Added: 20 May 2006   Hits: 354   Words: 444]

152.Why to use online discount coupon code?
A coupon is a ticket or document that is being exchanged for getting financial discount or rebate on the purchase of a product. Mostly it is distributed through magazines, newspapers and the internet. Internet coupons have become very popular these days because they are being printed by ...
[Added: 20 May 2006   Hits: 310   Words: 412]

153.Why free credit card debt consolidation?
A credit card is a small plastic card used for borrowing that involves some charges. There is a hike in the use of credit cards that in turn has led to the biggest debt problem known as credit card debt. It happens ...
[Added: 20 May 2006   Hits: 258   Words: 358]

154.Is 2006 book coupon entertainment a smart way to make big savings?
Discount coupon is a great way that allows you to enjoy all the luxuries from eating in a star hotel, shop in posh shopping malls, watch movies even in expensive movie theatres and stay in a luxurious resort. All this and more is possible if you have discount coupon book ...
[Added: 20 May 2006   Hits: 1143   Words: 316]

155.How to download free ringtone t mobile?
Mobile phone is no longer used just for communication purposes but has become the latest and important fashion trend reflecting the personality of a person. Ringtone is today the most integral accessory of a mobile phone. If you wish to add ...
[Added: 20 May 2006   Hits: 230   Words: 393]

156.Steps to tying a neck tie
If men can run the world, why can't they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck? - Linda Ellerbee Neck tie was born as a piece of material worn by roman emperors around ...
[Added: 20 May 2006   Hits: 341   Words: 359]

157.Instructions neck tie tying
Neck tie is a material worn around the neck beneath the collar with a tied knot in the front. In the beginning, it was the privilege of the person belonging to a higher position, to wear a tie. Now irrespective of the ...
[Added: 18 May 2006   Hits: 262   Words: 400]

158.Download ringtone for tmobile
Ringtone makes you alert of the incoming calls and messages in your mobile phone. This is very necessary while there are many mobile phone users in a room. Ringtone has become an important accessory of any mobile phone because it provides quality sound and pleasure to listeners. ...
[Added: 18 May 2006   Hits: 295   Words: 329]

159.Credit debt consolidation loan
If you are person who spends lavishly then most probably you would be buried under many loans and debts. This is why you have the headache of fighting with multiple debts. You can therefore opt for a credit debt consolidation loan. Thus you can improve your credit ...
[Added: 18 May 2006   Hits: 222   Words: 378]

160.T mobile music ringtone
Mobile no longer remains a necessity for communication but it has become a fashion trend or accessory. Now there are various accessories such as faceplates, wallpapers, ringtones that are an integral part of a mobile phone. Of the above mentioned accessories, ringtone is the most popular of all. Groovy ...
[Added: 17 May 2006   Hits: 226   Words: 345]

161.Credit card debt consolidation program
Credit card debt consolidation program is the process of taking one loan in order to pay off many other loans. This provides the ease of paying one loan with secured or fixed interest rates. Many companies provide credit debt consolidation services and it ...
[Added: 16 May 2006   Hits: 238   Words: 363]

162.Free mp3 player song
MP3 or MPEG- Audio Layer 3 has become the most popular form of music because of its ability of compressing music data files without changing the original data. This takes less storage space and provides with the same ...
[Added: 16 May 2006   Hits: 313   Words: 311]

163.Neck tie tying
Shirts, pants, shoes and other apparels are incomplete unless you have a nice miss-match of neck tie to give you a perfect look in your dressing. Tying a neck tie is very essential in occasions like a formal ...
[Added: 16 May 2006   Hits: 351   Words: 374]

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