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  Religion Articles

  Category: Articles » Society & News » Religion
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51.The Power of Forgiveness. by Debra Lohrere
The rules, regulations and principles that God tells us to abide by in the Bible are all there for our own good. They are there to protect us physically, mentally and spiritually. In the Lord's Prayer it says, "Forgive us our ...
[Added: 30 Apr 2006   Hits: 361   Words: 527]

52.Were the Ten Commandments Abolished? by Debra Lohrere
In Colossians 2:16 it reads "Let no man therefore judge you in meat (offering), or in drink (offering), or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days:". Many people who have ...
[Added: 30 Apr 2006   Hits: 399   Words: 648]

53.The Law of Love. by Debra Lohrere
In the book of Mathew it says, Mat 22:37-40 "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is ...
[Added: 30 Apr 2006   Hits: 346   Words: 723]

54.Is the Seventh day really the Sabbath? by Debra Lohrere
The Bible tells us that God implemented the Sabbath day, at the time of creation as a memorial to his wondrous work. It says, Gen 2:2-3 "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he ...
[Added: 30 Apr 2006   Hits: 345   Words: 858]

55.Are there only Nine Commandments? by Debra Lohrere
One of the most controversial subjects among Christians today, is whether or not the Ten Commandments are still valid today. While many concede that Nine of them are still valid, but the 4th one concerning ...
[Added: 30 Apr 2006   Hits: 329   Words: 985]

56.Patron Saint Medals by Beverly Roberts
A saint medal, to devout Catholics, is like a photograph of a beloved friend or relative, a reminder of someone we love and know loves us. We finger these medals in much the same way as we touch the frame ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 521   Words: 1119]

57.Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): A mercy to all creation! by Akramulla Syed
He did not speak or advocate the cause of some particular race or ethnic group, but stood up for all humanity irrespective of race, color, class, language or geographical barriers. The Message he preached was universal, transgressing all ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 331   Words: 643]

58.Interpreting Your Dreams by Clare Gibson
Many of us suppress our emotions in the waking world-especially extreme ones-for fear of somehow alienating those around us, or else of appearing dangerously vulnerable, or even of disgusting ourselves. This means that the only way in which we can ...
[Added: 14 Apr 2006   Hits: 292   Words: 1029]

59.Earth Wind and Fire - the Signs of the Zodiac by Clare Gibson
FIRE SIGNS Positive attributes: United as they are by the element of fire, those born under the zodiacal signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are said to have certain characteristics in common. Just ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 704   Words: 1009]

60.Be Wise - Go for Total Wealth by Emmanuel Emezie
When we lack certain things, the joy of living is diminished. In some instances we may become severely distressed and even incapacitated by such lack. When we are sick, in other words, when we lack good health, it is usually not a happy circumstance and we do all we can ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 335   Words: 1565]

61.Islamic Intolerance by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.
Islamic apologists keep telling us that the religion of Islam is a kind, tolerante and peaceful religion. Every time a woman is stoned or someone is beheaded or a homicide bomber blows up a bus or restaurant filled with innocent people, we are told that it is ...
[Added: 30 Mar 2006   Hits: 378   Words: 660]

62.The Soul Does Not Sleep in Death by Paul
The theory that the individual is unconscious between death and resurrection is sometimes called soul sleep, because of the outward similarity be­tween physical death and sleep, and because the Bible speaks of the departed as asleep. The argument for unconsciousness in death was long ...
[Added: 29 Mar 2006   Hits: 273   Words: 363]

63.Death Not a Cessation of Conscious Existence by Paul
Death is not extinction or suspension of per­sonal existence, nor even of conscious existence. Such sallies as "The dead are dead" or, "How can the dead be alive?" are mere subterfuges which fail utterly ...
[Added: 29 Mar 2006   Hits: 372   Words: 657]

64.The divine fruits of meditation by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi
The best way to achieve the Sreyokarma or the liberating karma is through the meditation. And meditating will lead us to the eternal and sacred path of soul's happiness. As a fruit of the meditation the mind will withdraw from the sensorial world and will reach joy, ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 271   Words: 526]

65.Young Healing Evangelist spreads the fire of revival by Haahr Hansen
THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN DENMARK and EUROPE Meeting with healers, witches and other seeking people Written by freelance journalist Anne Stryhn. Prayer giving results is clearly seen when a 79-year-old man daily prays that God may enter ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 303   Words: 618]

66.The Miracle of Self Forgiveness by Diane Harmony
Our hearts melted into one another's in instant recognition during that first hug. Two bodies reunited after 36 years...two spirits that had never been separated. The gap of time was instantly filled during that one moment of reunion. The ...
[Added: 26 Mar 2006   Hits: 317   Words: 1150]

67.The Gift of Gratitude by Diane Harmony
Surprise! The Season of Giving isn't over. As a matter of fact, it's just begun! During 2006, you can come right here to receive 5 Gifts that are guaranteed to change your life. They are free for the receiving. ...
[Added: 26 Mar 2006   Hits: 266   Words: 507]

68.Let there be light! by Cassie Morgan
Candles have been used for centuries to provide warmth and light. Furthermore, they have been included in religious ceremonies for just as long. The history of the candle is intimately connected with the history of religion. ...
[Added: 21 Mar 2006   Hits: 335   Words: 374]

69.There Is No World by Sue Maybury
One day a teacher of God showed up in front of me and said something that no-one had ever said before: "I have just come to tell you that you're not from here, you ...
[Added: 16 Mar 2006   Hits: 282   Words: 620]

70.War and Peace by Stephen Calder
The history of mankind to date having been one of almost continuous conflict, it should come as no surprise that the third millennium has started pretty much as the second ended. War and rumors of war dominate the daily news, raising fears that the species is again ...
[Added: 16 Mar 2006   Hits: 254   Words: 1102]

71.The Return Of Jesus by Glad Hancock
The inevitability of Jesus' return is a subject not often touched upon in sophisticated circles. Until recently, it was a subject only for the theologically inclined or those intoxicated by recent religious conversion. Since September ...
[Added: 15 Mar 2006   Hits: 244   Words: 2045]

72.La Vie en Rose by Anita Just
And though I close my eyes, I see La Vie en Rose. Last summer both my parents died. And in that, they gave me an amazing gift - the gift of the experience of everlasting life. They died five days apart, lived five hundred ...
[Added: 15 Mar 2006   Hits: 264   Words: 1491]

73.Feng shui flying stars for 2006 by Keiko Entwistle
(From February 4 ,2006 to February 3, 2007) What is feng shui flying stars ? Feng shui flying stars is a numbered system that determines how combinations of chi (energy) described by directions and your house trigram number and the annual number, influence ...
[Added: 14 Mar 2006   Hits: 384   Words: 736]

74.The Power of Positive Thanking by Diane Harmony
"Gratitude has a cleansing effect on the soul," according to spiritual leader and author, Marianne Williamson, "healing us from the inside out." The very act of saying "thank you" makes us humbler, gentler and more loving people. "When something good happens and we give thanks for it," ...
[Added: 14 Mar 2006   Hits: 263   Words: 362]

75.St. Patricks Day: Legend and Celebrations : by Ajitesh Biswas
Saint Patrick's day is a religious feast festival of Catholic christians having its roots in Ireland with the celebrations gaining significance in other countries, particularly America and Britain. Just like St. Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day (i.e, 17th March) commemorates the ...
[Added: 13 Mar 2006   Hits: 363   Words: 669]

76.Using Teleseminars to help your congregation listen to you while multi-tasking by Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher
In the 21st century people are busier than ever. They work at least 5 days a week and in addition to the bare 8 hours a day, there is the commute time that adds up. Parents have to take care of children and their needs. It's a wonder anyone can ...
[Added: 06 Mar 2006   Hits: 250   Words: 905]

77.International Day Of Peace by Sue Maybury
Drawn from the deep recesses of the mind, through the wisdom of a moment of inner listening to the Voice of God, is an experience A Course In Miracles calls a "Holy Instant". It lies past the doctrinal debates of established religion, beyond the ...
[Added: 06 Mar 2006   Hits: 260   Words: 451]

78.God Is My Boss by Lisa Natoli
I just figured everyone talked to God. All my life I could sense there was a world beyond the one I could see with my eyes. I lived in a world of fantasy, and had many conversations with ...
[Added: 06 Mar 2006   Hits: 299   Words: 2112]

79.Sweet Surrender by Diane Harmony
"Thy Will (not mine) be done," when truly embraced, will create the opening for Spirit to reveal a realm of choices and opportunities impossible for us to know from our small, defended ego-driven selves. Here are a few testimonials ...
[Added: 27 Feb 2006   Hits: 251   Words: 545]

80.The Rapture - What is it ? When will it happen ? Where is it in the Bible ? by Robert W. Benjamin
Just about everyone has heard someone mention ' The Rapture ', when they talk about the return of Jesus Christ. There probably isn't a word that causes as much conflict as the word rapture, does. I here folks constantly saying: ' There ...
[Added: 27 Feb 2006   Hits: 414   Words: 674]

81.Pet Sitting - Start your own business by Robert W. Benjamin
Almost everyone sooner or later dreams of starting a home based business to make some extra money, or to be able to work part time. The one thing that stops most folks from acheiving this goal, is money. They just don't have the financial stability to either borrow the ...
[Added: 27 Feb 2006   Hits: 416   Words: 743]

82.The Rabbi and the Evangelicals by Mordechai Welt
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is an orthodox Jewish rabbi with a unorthodox job. In his position as founder and chairman of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) it is his task to foster and encourage Christian support for Israel and Jewish causes. Based upon ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2006   Hits: 287   Words: 839]

83.Tithing: The Active Ingredient in Living a Prosperous Life by Diane Harmony
True prosperity has a spiritual basis. "God is the Source of your supply." So states Catherine Ponder in her wonderful book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. Just as we engage God through prayer for that which we claim to be true, and we connect with ...
[Added: 21 Feb 2006   Hits: 273   Words: 942]

84.The Sign of Signs - Who is That Fool on the Corner with the Sign about the End of the World? by Rev Michael Bresciani
Americans are fast learning that it is the little things that count in life. Here is a little thing that if overlooked could cost your entire future! The Pope it is said condemned the use of the cross bow when it was first ...
[Added: 21 Feb 2006   Hits: 335   Words: 822]

85.ADAM KADMON, the Infrastructure of Creation by Clara Szalai
All my faces are one. You are in my image, you are one with me. As long as you are one with me, you have All-That-Is in me, including my force, my quality. Depart from it and you've had it: you are a fragment, a branch cut off ...
[Added: 21 Feb 2006   Hits: 381   Words: 1670]

86.I'll Fly Away Not the Song - The Truth is Still Stranger than Fiction by Rev Michael Bresciani
There will be a removal of the Christians at the second coming of Christ. Some think it will happen just before the great tribulation and some say it will be smack in the middle of it all. A small number think it will be right after ...
[Added: 20 Feb 2006   Hits: 283   Words: 961]

87.Without A Trace - The Great Rapture Controversy by Rev Michael Bresciani
When millions of believers disappear around the globe will those left behind choose to believe in God? Not Likely. But don't bother send out the law because they won't be found. The rapture of the Christian is a well known matter among believers around the world. It is sometimes ...
[Added: 18 Feb 2006   Hits: 440   Words: 580]

88.Biblical Success- The Holy Spirit's Amazing Holy Success School by Doug Firebaugh
Christian Success- The Holy Spirit's Amazing Holy Success School by Doug Firebaugh "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me" Matthew 11:29 It's called The Holy Spirit's Success School. ...
[Added: 03 Feb 2006   Hits: 585   Words: 650]

89.God, the Author of Confusion? by Christine Bettridge
After the Twin Towers fell in New York mankind lifted their hands in despair. Some were terrified beyond human comprehension and asking the question why did this happen? Can you even imagine the thoughts as they ...
[Added: 18 Jan 2006   Hits: 257   Words: 864]

90."New World Order about to start? Bible Prophecies point to World's Last Chance" by robert jordan
What is going on? Why is the world in such absolute turmoil? The weather is behaving in mad and unpredictable fashion causing untold damage in places that have never experienced such destruction before. Perplexing and ...
[Added: 17 Jan 2006   Hits: 254   Words: 703]

91.Christian Motivation- Are You Plugged into the Ultimate Success Voltage? by Doug Firebaugh
"But the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered"... Romans 8:26 Christian Success and Motivation. Many times, we try to succeed ourselves, as the Holy Spirit shakes His ...
[Added: 14 Jan 2006   Hits: 503   Words: 611]

92.Godly Success Training- Which Success Zone Are You in- His or Yours? by Doug Firebaugh
"He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." Psalm 107:20 Do you realize that you are either Constructing or destructing your future and Godly Success? There is no inbetween here. It is either or. It is black ...
[Added: 11 Jan 2006   Hits: 405   Words: 512]

93.It's Past Time For Pat Robertson To Step Down From The Pulpit by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.
In my opinion, the far left fanatics in this country are among the biggest threats to this country and to the world. Many far right fanatics, however, aren't far behind. Some far right fanatics, like Pat Robertson, are especially dangerous because so many people ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2006   Hits: 308   Words: 940]

94.Christian Success- Success that Rises from the Ashes of failure by Doug Firebaugh
"...Destroy this temple and I will raise it up again in three days..." John 2:19 Jesus understood about rising again successfully after something being destroyed. Do you? Many times when we make the decision ...
[Added: 02 Jan 2006   Hits: 348   Words: 534]

95.Chutzpa - The Holy Secret of Chanuka by Rabbi Mitterhoff
The Maharal explains that the spiritual world of the after-life is not available to us in this world because it is beyond our senses and we have no way to represent it to ourselves or to perceive it's reality. Similarly Rav Yisrael Salanter emphasized that ...
[Added: 02 Jan 2006   Hits: 312   Words: 394]

96.Should The Christian Worry About "Demon Possession"? by Christian Darland
Can believers be demon-possessed? What about unbelievers? What should I do about demon possession? CAN I AS A CHRISTIAN BE DEMON-POSSESSED? We see in the Gospels and a bit in Acts (though nothing in the epistles or even Revelation!) people being possessed by demons. We'll define ...
[Added: 29 Dec 2005   Hits: 339   Words: 1638]

97.Christian Success Training- The Supernatural Success Power of Asking by Doug Firebaugh
Christian Success Training- The Supernatural Success Power in ASKING. by Doug Firebaugh "You have not, because you ask not" James 4:2 It's our fault we are not successful as Christians as we want to be. Not ...
[Added: 28 Dec 2005   Hits: 510   Words: 368]

98.Christmas Season Versus Holiday Season by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.
In the United States, the month of December is the Christmas Season, not the Holiday Season. To the best of my knowledge there is only one holiday in December recognized by our government. December 25 was made ...
[Added: 13 Dec 2005   Hits: 251   Words: 1080]

99.Surrender and Acceptance by Nikhil Gangoli
One of the most useful concepts to grow spiritually and becoming happier is the method of acceptance or surrender. I have personally found this method to be perhaps the most workable and useful ...
[Added: 08 Dec 2005   Hits: 236   Words: 676]

100.Mark of the Beast by Michael Bradley
This article is one of a 15 part series on a lot of the main end time events that will be occurring - leading up to the visible return of Jesus Christ back to our earth. This article will be on the ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2005   Hits: 393   Words: 1371]

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