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  Humor Articles

  Category: Articles » Arts & Entertainment » Humor
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1.Ugly people – more than a joke by Ken Wilson
We can think long and hard about what makes us humans. The truth of the matter is that we are not perfect and we all have our own defects. Ugliness is part of us and the best thing we can ...
[Added: 31 May 2007   Hits: 2751   Words: 594]

2.Ugly men and ugly women – ugly on the inside/outside? by Ken Wilson
The Internet is one of the most amazing things ever invented. It can offer us all the info we need and much more. The online world can be a lot of fun and today we no longer see the Internet as a basic info resource but also as one ...
[Added: 30 May 2007   Hits: 5107   Words: 662]

3.Do ugly women feel the same as ugly men? by Ken Wilson
There have been a lot of research studies made about ugly people. When I say ugly people I don't just mean ugly men, but also ugly women, even though they are trying very hard to hide the fact that they are ugly through make-up, cosmetics, clothing items ...
[Added: 30 May 2007   Hits: 4705   Words: 713]

4.Ugly women and men facing the issue of beauty by Ken Wilson
From ugliness to beauty – nothing can be more representative than examples. If you look it up on the Internet, you'll see just how difficult it is for people to reach that artificial billboard look. It takes an immense number of people around you and a great amount ...
[Added: 25 May 2007   Hits: 4777   Words: 587]

5.Ugly people and charisma by Ken Wilson
We are sure that the idea of ugly women who nonetheless possess unbelievable, charming and persuasive powers is not new to your mind. And this doesn't go true for women exclusively, but for ugly men as well. Despite their physical traits that render them totally unattractive, there are ...
[Added: 24 May 2007   Hits: 4337   Words: 589]

6.The beautiful side of ugly people photos by Clint Jhonson
If you think that you saw everything the Internet has to offer, then you should know that you may have discovered only the tip of the iceberg. When this technology first appeared, it was embraced by a ...
[Added: 12 May 2007   Hits: 3977   Words: 646]

7.Recycled Paper – Use Recycled Paper and Recycle Paper by Steve Baker
Recycle Paper! In the United States, approximately 60% of our landfills are composed of disposed, waste paper. We throw away tremendous amounts of paper, and in doing so, we either landfill or ...
[Added: 10 May 2007   Hits: 1522   Words: 593]

8.18 Similarities Between Women and Computers by Jack Reider
Before you read any further, please note that this is not a piece out to damage or cut down the important role of women in our society. Read below only as humour and nothing more. These are intended solely ...
[Added: 24 Mar 2007   Hits: 1907   Words: 536]

9.DeGeneres Joins Long List of Comedians Who Have Hosted Academy Awards by Tuesday Knight
It started with George Jessel at the 9th annual Academy Awards and hasn't stopped since. From Bob Burns to Bob Hope, Jack Benny to Jack Lemon and everyone in between, it seems comedians have become the host of choice for the Oscars. And why not? After ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1456   Words: 370]

10.Old Phil Propagated A Good Old Hoax by James L. Snyder
It began as all things begin n a long period of boredom with nothing exciting to do. Whoever said, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop," knew something of what they were speaking. As the ...
[Added: 10 Feb 2007   Hits: 1408   Words: 932]

11.Which, Exactly, is the National Language of Malaysia? by Wan Yee
Have you ever wondered why the national language of Malaysia is called Bahasa Melayu and ALSO Bahasa Malaysia? The forefathers of Malaysia has agreed among other things during formation of the nation, that the language of Malays, be the national language. The federal constitution guarantees this ...
[Added: 01 Feb 2007   Hits: 977   Words: 599]

12.The Ugly Ducklings Make It Big by Wain Roy
Every age had given its fair share of accolades to the beautiful men and women of the world. Fictions and fairy tales are no exception either. The proverbial beauty of Helen, Cleopatra, Juliet, Nefertiti, Cinderella and Snow White ...
[Added: 15 Jan 2007   Hits: 1073   Words: 474]

13.Home for the Holidays: Top Signs You've Stayed Too Long by S. Tzirlin
"There's no place," sang Perry Como, "like home for the holidays." As we revel in the season's warmth and good cheer, delighting in the musical clatter of our kitchen gadgets and celebrating the passing of another year, we can't help but get closer to each ...
[Added: 08 Jan 2007   Hits: 1058   Words: 331]

14.Laughing All the Way to Keep the Doctor Away by Wain Roy
No one on earth would love to visit a doctor in all his sanity. But no matter how much we hate to knock at the Doc's door, something or the other takes us right there. And the visits increase with age, as does ...
[Added: 25 Dec 2006   Hits: 1016   Words: 464]

15.A Youngster Can Show You How To Laugh by David Hill
Have you at all watched kids at have fun? If you are lucky, you will have seen them chuckle eagerly and it was really simple for them to do so. Studies suggest that adults are amused nearly 15 times in a ...
[Added: 05 Dec 2006   Hits: 1089   Words: 798]

16.It Was Lights Out At The Old Ballgame by James L. Snyder
Someone yelling, "Let's play ball," officially announces spring. Springtime and baseball seem to go together, as if God created springtime just for the national pastime. Something about that first baseball game seems to shake away all the gloomy aspects of the past winter. ...
[Added: 26 Jun 2006   Hits: 944   Words: 937]

17.Spyware and Your PC by Nanette Hughston
What is spyware? Why is it dangerous? These are two questions many people ask. In my opinion,spyware and adware are much more dangerous than a virus. Why? For one, spyware can steal your personal data as well as track your ...
[Added: 09 Jun 2006   Hits: 940   Words: 632]

18.Get Your Joke Pass For Free!! by Tom Takihi
Laughter and humor are necessities in life. We need to have a release for all the pressure that comes our way and nothing is better at helping us keep our equilibrium than jokes and funny stories, just like at Bill Cosby once said, "If you can find humor ...
[Added: 05 Jun 2006   Hits: 859   Words: 536]

19.The Origins Of Spring-Cleaning, Or Along Came Eve by James L. Snyder
I always know when April makes its yearly debut without consulting the calendar because my wife usually says, "Let's clean out the garage today." Trust me on this one, it is no April fool's joke, but someone gets fooled. And believe me, I'm just not anybody's fool. I'm my ...
[Added: 23 May 2006   Hits: 894   Words: 950]

20.Poor Old Santa Claus by Angie Stocklin
Poor old Santa Claus. Sometimes he gets a bad rap. People say he doesn't represent Christmas well. People say he doesn't set a good example for Christians celebrating December 25. And people say—gasp!—that he doesn't even exist. Plus, there are some folks out there who are trying to confuse ...
[Added: 16 May 2006   Hits: 1166   Words: 563]

21.Give Me a One,Two,Three, and a Forum - Online Forum Etiquette by soal
It seems that every other article or guru tip you read extolls the benefit of one program or another as the absolute best way to enhance your internet marketing business. In reality, there are many ...
[Added: 09 May 2006   Hits: 990   Words: 799]

22.A Page From Betty Crocker's Cookbook by James L. Snyder
Recently, while sitting in my chair drinking the last of my breakfast coffee, a thought staggered into my mind. I must confess most thoughts are quite lonely once they enter my mind, but this one had a nagging element to it. Experience has taught me ...
[Added: 30 Apr 2006   Hits: 979   Words: 915]

23.Sophistication Made Easy by J.A. Orais
Not a single move or mode of behaviour goes unstudied by a sophisticate- it's in the word,the dress,the manner,the clean smell and every object that surrounds the person. Sophistication is not a nice word. It comes from the noun "sophism" meaning a false argument,intention to ...
[Added: 29 Apr 2006   Hits: 745   Words: 460]

24.A Silent Night — Not At My House by James L. Snyder
People say, as they get older their hearing is not what it used to be. I have found this to be true for myself. The older I get, and I plan to get as old as I can, the more I hear noises in the middle of the night. Noises, ...
[Added: 04 Apr 2006   Hits: 992   Words: 936]

25.April Fool's Day Activities by Freda J. Glatt, MS
April Fool's Day is quite an appropriate way to begin National Humor Month. Here is some background information plus a few activities for you to enjoy. Did you know that April Fool's Day began in France ...
[Added: 24 Mar 2006   Hits: 1607   Words: 705]

26.It's No Joke, Laughter is Awesome Medicine! by Chad Ferguson
You go right ahead! Laugh and cackle to the point of losing your breath! Laughter has enormous amounts of health benefits ranging from affecting diabetes to lowering risks of heart attacks and everything in between! In this modern world that ...
[Added: 11 Mar 2006   Hits: 882   Words: 485]

27.Mad About Your - Content Review by Ester Rebecca del Fierro -
From Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson comes a long-running hit half-hour comedy show Mad About You! Jaime and Paul Buchman, played by Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, are already 5 months together but still don't know how to ...
[Added: 09 Mar 2006   Hits: 1074   Words: 658]

28.How To Name Your New Baby by Tom Coffee
One of the hundred million things new parents have to do is pick out a name for the baby, preferably before the child reaches his or her 18th birthday, if for no other reason than it is very difficult to register to vote when you are only ...
[Added: 31 Jan 2006   Hits: 1252   Words: 1013]

29.Simply bad life tips by Boaz Ben- Dov
Do you ever ask yourself why did I get out of bed today? Is this all there is to life? And where the hack I left my car keys? Don't despair; it's not too late to turn your life ...
[Added: 02 Jan 2006   Hits: 874   Words: 341]

30.Work from Home: Real Money Advantages by J. Kenneth Ezra
One of the greatest and most rewarding endeavors you may adopt is working from home. Not only do you get to set your own schedule, you are blessed with spending time with your loved ones ...
[Added: 07 Dec 2005   Hits: 907   Words: 1017]

31.Timothy Ward's Great Coloring Book Rebirth by Timothy Ward
I bought a coloring book yesterday from Wal-Mart. I hadn't colored in years and I got the strange urge to out of the blue. I also bought a 24-pack of Crayola crayons. The box says they are non-toxic which is ...
[Added: 23 Nov 2005   Hits: 988   Words: 602]

32.Bad Breath Love by Kingston amadan
Sure...I loved her. She was smart, attractive, polite and a total demon in the sack. Unfortunately, the perfection ended there. So what's the problem, you ask? Simple...she had a garbage mouth. No, I don't mean she cursed like a sailor, I mean her mouth literally smelled like ...
[Added: 09 Nov 2005   Hits: 835   Words: 333]

33.Double Peppermint Schnapps on the Rocks by Kingston amadan
Many years ago when I was young, attractive and a viable commodity on the dating market, I was employed as a bartender. Believe it or not, I actually went to "school" to learn this trade. I was living in Las Vegas at the time, and I decided to attend a ...
[Added: 09 Nov 2005   Hits: 837   Words: 444]

34.Bad Breath Terminology by Kingston amadan
We all know someone who has bad breath. Still, you may not be current on all the slang associated with this unfortunate condition. Not to worry, my friend. I am here to provide you with more than ...
[Added: 09 Nov 2005   Hits: 810   Words: 343]

35.How Not To Handle Bad Breath by Kingston amadan
We've all been there. You round the corner to your cubical ready to start the day's work when you are suddenly accosted by the familiar stench of a co-worker's bad breath. "Here we go again...", you think. "Another 'H'-filled tirade that won't ...
[Added: 07 Nov 2005   Hits: 931   Words: 556]

36.5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Day Job by Timothy Ward
Most of us would stop working if we could. We constantly dream about it, but that's about as far as we get-dreaming. Working a 9-5 just seems inevitable. I, Timothy Ward, however am a master at defying the inevitable. I stare 'The Inevitable' in the face and ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 1039   Words: 637]

37.8 Reasons Why You Should Email Me One Dollar by Timothy Ward
Paypal has made it possible to quickly and easily send money over the Internet. This allows us to pay for all kinds of purchases with a lot less hassle. It also will allow you, everyone who reads this article, ...
[Added: 08 Oct 2005   Hits: 965   Words: 686]

38.Songwriter Confessions #2 by Bill Dollar
Any real Beatle fan knows that Stu Sutcliffe was the original bass player,who died of a brain embolism before the Beatles became famous. But what if it hadn't been Stu with the deadly weakness, but rather…? There is very little time ...
[Added: 27 Sep 2005   Hits: 977   Words: 721]

39.Timothy Ward IS Hotter Than You by Timothy Ward
Inspiration for the articles I write does not always come instantly. That's why I spend hours upon hours each day surfing the internet and visiting various websites. This may sound like time wasted or goofing off ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 970   Words: 668]

40.Songwriter Confessions #1 by Bill Dollar
Looking up this week from getting a reggae backing to sound like St Ann rather than St Felicity, I spotted the small dark mist in the usual corner behind the left monitor speaker. I have sometimes believed absolutely that this is my best muse, back from a pizza run to ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 1053   Words: 548]

41.Anecdotes, Homor, Wit & Wisdom of the late Thinker Educator Orhan Seyfi Ari by eoa
Anecdotes and Wisdom, Wit, Humor, Satire, Quotes, Jokes of the late witty Orhan Seyfi Ari Fedai, Halkin Sesi -27 Dec. 92 "… He always wore a smile..." In his articles little stories, jokes, humor, satire, made witty teacher thinker poet Orhan Ari's [died ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 871   Words: 729]

42.A French Teacher's Memories: First Day At School by Gabrielle Guichard
Anyone know how it is to go to school for the first time. Teachers live through this experience twice; and the second time is not the less impressive. Despite my diplomas that allowed me to teach in state secondary schools and my requests, I had been appointed to teach ...
[Added: 07 Sep 2005   Hits: 499   Words: 462]

43.Too Many Cats? by Kathie Freeman
Cats are becoming increasingly popular as pets these days, and a big question is, how many cats should a family have? For some people, one is more than enough, others have half a dozen or more. Here are ...
[Added: 02 Sep 2005   Hits: 515   Words: 355]

44.25 Reasons You Might Need to Wear a Welding Helmet by Kaitlin Carruth
A welding helmet is a safety device worn for protection while one is welding ; however, there are definitely many other uses for a welding helmet. A welding helmet is a very practical that should ...
[Added: 22 Jul 2005   Hits: 925   Words: 604]

45.Chocolate and Laughs - The Sure-Fire Remedy for Anything Life Throws at You by Larry Friedlan
Chocolate is Worth Crowing and Laughing About Chocolate kindles passion and emotion as few things can. It makes us happy and feeds the soul. Besides eating it (over 51 pounds per person per year), people delight in talking about it and making ...
[Added: 14 Jul 2005   Hits: 326   Words: 790]

46.The Bare Truth About My Butt Quiz by Timothy Ward
Forget about the SAT, never mind the FCAT, and remove forever from you mind any thoughts about the ACT. All these test pale in comparision to the examination that I just failed. Failing those test may have minor repurcussions like never making it into ...
[Added: 11 Jul 2005   Hits: 419   Words: 589]

47.The Finer Points of Poverty by Timothy Ward
I'm poor. And I'm not ashamed of it. Actually, I'm kind of proud of myself for being poor. It's an accomplishment that many people will never attain. Some people will go through their whole life and never know what it's like to experience some of the finer points of ...
[Added: 22 Apr 2005   Hits: 438   Words: 649]

48.If Real People Ran the Bank - I (a spoof for the heart) by Lynella Grant
Banish Loans Forever If ordinary, hard-working, people ran the bank... the very first thing to get rid of would be loans. Absolutely no more loans! Because once they’re gone, there wouldn’t be any more: - Due dates - Interest charges - at any rate ...
[Added: 14 Apr 2005   Hits: 330   Words: 777]

49.satirical poetry about contemporary problem by malcolm james pugh
All Hail. Is your hospital full of aliens, despite new cleaning firms, Antenna waving buggies, And creepy crawly germs, Then dont waste another second, now were into election spin, Just complain, over and again, and up pops smiley smiley grin. You just have ...
[Added: 07 Mar 2005   Hits: 524   Words: 923]

50.You think your roommate's bad by dan the roommate man
My worst roommate (and I've had some bad ones) was on my semester at Tel-Aviv University. It started on the group flight there, with this obnoxious surfer looking guy who was seated next to me (I was on an aisle, he was in the middle). On the ...
[Added: 31 Jan 2005   Hits: 350   Words: 588]

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