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  Bankruptcy Articles

  Category: Articles » Finance » Bankruptcy
Results 1 - 50 of 71 [2 Pages]  
1.Five Ways How A Credit Monitoring Service Can Help Post-Bankruptcy Individuals Rebuild Their Credit by Dulce Azogue
If you are bankrupt and rebuilding credit, it will be helpful to monitor your progress as you add more positive information to your credit report. And one way to monitor your progress is by using a credit monitoring service. When you declared bankrupt, you know how ...
[Added: 15 May 2007   Hits: 1129   Words: 579]

2.Dead People Cannot File Bankruptcy by Victoria Ring
Training for attorneys, paralegals and virtual assistants working under the direction of attorneys in debtor bankruptcy law. The other day, an interesting question came into the 713Training.Com office from a paralegal working on ...
[Added: 02 Feb 2007   Hits: 1362   Words: 755]

3.Get To Know The Bankruptcy Filling Process If This Is Your Option by Cornie Herring
Filing for bankruptcy is a very personal decision. Heavy debtors may choose to file a bankruptcy if they see no other way out from their heavy debts. By declaring bankruptcy and filing a petition with U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the bankruptcy filer will be protected and relief ...
[Added: 29 Jan 2007   Hits: 897   Words: 546]

4.What Are The Consequences of Filing For Bankruptcy? by Cornie Herring
Bankruptcy may be your quickest way of getting relief from your unbearable debt, but it is also the most damaging action to your credit ratings. Let us review the consequences of filling for a bankruptcy before your make up you decision to go for it. ...
[Added: 15 Jan 2007   Hits: 882   Words: 546]

5.Personal insolvencies are at record levels across the UK: Which way for the debtor? by Martin McAllister
In the UK, when a debtor owes a sum of money in excess of 750 to a creditor, he can be made bankrupt by the creditor applying to the court for a bankruptcy order to ...
[Added: 12 Jan 2007   Hits: 862   Words: 502]

6.Smart debt recovery with alternatives to bankruptcy! by Kirthy Shetty
Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability to pay back all your lenders. One can seek out for a creditor in filing bankruptcy, in order to recoup a portion of what you owe. It is carried out by a bankruptcy attorney in a legal manner. Basically gives a borrower ...
[Added: 12 Jan 2007   Hits: 785   Words: 604]

7.What are your alternatives for filing bankruptcy? by reethi rai
The term 'bankruptcy' conjures up an image of someone publicly disgraced and broke. When in deep debts, one might feel that bankruptcy is their only hope. But bankruptcy alternative can help you eliminate debt without encountering any negative publicity. Why ...
[Added: 10 Jan 2007   Hits: 991   Words: 438]

8.Do Bankruptcy Alternatives Work? by Susan Davis
Bankruptcy should always be a last resort to debt relief and many people could avoid this with a few bankruptcy alternatives. Before you make the tough decision to declare personal bankruptcy, you may first want to think about a few bankruptcy alternatives. ...
[Added: 07 Jan 2007   Hits: 834   Words: 581]

9.Can You Choose the Type Of Bankruptcy Filling? by Cornie Herring
In general, you can choose the type of bankruptcy for filling, under certain circumstances you may only eligible for certain type of bankruptcy filling. In most cases, debtors will choose chapter 7 for filling because it's fast, effective, easy to file, ...
[Added: 25 Dec 2006   Hits: 934   Words: 666]

10.6 Steps to Take before Bankruptcy by Cornie Herring
If you currently have unbearable debts and thinking of wipe it off from your statement by declaring bankruptcy; Just on-hold your decision for a while, there may be other options available. Try to improve your situation before you investigate the bankruptcy option. No matter which way you go, evaluate ...
[Added: 12 Dec 2006   Hits: 902   Words: 656]

11.5 Easy Steps to Rebuild Your Credit after Bankruptcy by Cornie Herring
Bankruptcy often is the last ultimate solution for many debtors who have unbearable debts. With filing a bankruptcy, you will get rid of your debts instantly and relief you from the harassing call of your creditors. ...
[Added: 02 Dec 2006   Hits: 892   Words: 629]

12.Closer Look at Bankruptcy by Gina James
Do you have a hard time paying your credit card bills? Starting to get notices from waiting creditors to pay? Worried that you might lose your properties like your house because of credit debt? Chin up: Dealing ...
[Added: 29 Nov 2006   Hits: 995   Words: 1340]

13.Single Digit Interest Rates for Bankrupts and Bad Credit Loans by Julian Thornton
Approach any person in the street and ask them to describe home loans for people in a bad credit or bankruptcy situation. I can say with almost full certainty that the majority of these people you speak to will say that a bad ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 915   Words: 659]

14.Who Said Bankrupts can't be Home Owners? by Julian Thornton
"If you're bankrupt now or ever have been, there's no way you can ever own your own home." This has long been the belief of the greater public and we have the media, the big lenders ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 785   Words: 669]

15.How To Avoid Bankruptcy with Debt Consolidation by Cornie Herring
You have unbearable debts and considering filing a bankruptcy as your debt relief? Don't choose this option unless you really need to do so, look for other alternative if possible such as debt consolidation. Bankruptcy should only be ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 796   Words: 527]

16.Warning: Debt Agreements could send you Bankrupt Anyway! by Julian Thorton
If you are in financial trouble right now and struggling thanks to bad credit, chances are you may have heard of a debt agreement and thought, "It's the answer to all of my problems." It's always best to talk to a professional before you make any decisions regarding ...
[Added: 17 Nov 2006   Hits: 806   Words: 612]

17.What Bankruptcy Really Means for your Financial Future by Julian Thornton
All of this negative publicity about bankruptcy and mortgages, and you're probably thinking to yourself, "There's no way I'm ever going to declare bankruptcy!" Whilst this is a great attitude to have, it is important to know that much of what you know about bankruptcy and ...
[Added: 17 Nov 2006   Hits: 846   Words: 607]

18.Warning: Debt Agreements could send you Bankrupt Anyway! by Julian Thornton
If you are in financial trouble right now and struggling thanks to bad credit, chances are you may have heard of a debt agreement and thought, "It's the answer to all of my problems." It's always best to talk to a professional before you make any decisions regarding ...
[Added: 17 Nov 2006   Hits: 806   Words: 612]

19.Bankruptcy Information: A helping hand in trying times by Reethi R
Bankruptcy is a phrase heard and used by many. Individuals tend to have pre-conceived notions about bankrupts that they are individuals who are totally broke. But bankruptcy information can be a real eye opener for debtors who are contemplating bankruptcy and individuals who are ...
[Added: 09 Nov 2006   Hits: 643   Words: 415]

20.9 Easy Steps Parents Use to Help Build Their Child's Credit Score Before They Turn 18! by Kwanza Niida Green
Here are the steps parents are taking to prepare their kids to buy a NEW car, move into their OWN apartment and get a couple of credit cards and much more, all before they turn 18. ...
[Added: 06 Nov 2006   Hits: 757   Words: 477]

21.Bankruptcy Defined by Ismael D. Tabije
Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organization to pay their creditors. A declared state of bankruptcy can be requested by creditors in an effort to recoup a portion ...
[Added: 04 Nov 2006   Hits: 685   Words: 357]

22.Bitten By Bankruptcy? by Yannis Loucopoulos
Research at The Debt Line has shown that up to 1 million people are on the verge of declaring themselves bankrupt as they struggle to cope with thousands of pounds worth of debt. Bankruptcy is an option that ...
[Added: 07 Aug 2006   Hits: 666   Words: 466]

23.The Costs of Filing Bankruptcy by Sam Argon
IF you've been thinking of filing bankruptcy, read this article beforehand to make sure you know all the potential costs involved. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, many individuals avoid doing so because of the perceived costs. In the end, the costs accrued in the process of filing ...
[Added: 07 Aug 2006   Hits: 862   Words: 693]

24.Bankruptcy Lawyer Dirty Secrets by NARCLI
The field of bankruptcy law has exploded in recent years, even though the process of filing for bankruptcy really only involves filling out a few forms. Misconceptions, frightening news articles, and misleading advertisements put out by many of the firms ...
[Added: 02 Aug 2006   Hits: 666   Words: 320]

25.Personal bankruptcy tips guide by Mansi gupta
No one in this world is immune from financial disorders. These disturbances may trouble rich and poor alike in various forms such as, declining cash flow, deteriorating net worth, or unexpected emergency expenses. But filling for ...
[Added: 10 Jul 2006   Hits: 1004   Words: 504]

26.Personal bankruptcy advice guide 101 by Mansi gupta
Personal Bankruptcies are rare but not unique. Before opting for bankruptcy you should be very clear about its meaning, when to opt for it, the right process for declaring bankruptcy, and what are its implications. Bankruptcy is ...
[Added: 10 Jul 2006   Hits: 867   Words: 525]

27.Bankruptcy Advice guide by Mansi Gupta
Bankruptcy can be defined in several ways. In simple terms bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of a person or organization to pay their creditors. A declared state of bankruptcy can be requested or initiated by the bankrupt person or company, or it can just ...
[Added: 02 Jul 2006   Hits: 867   Words: 546]

28.For your Information (FYI) - Bankruptcy by robert hanania
People view bankruptcy as a wake up call and well they should because that means they hit the bottom of the barrel and are now scratching the bottom - for more cash! If you believe misery loves company, be secure in the knowledge that there are at least 1.5 million ...
[Added: 10 Jun 2006   Hits: 804   Words: 947]

29.There ARE Alternatives to Bankruptcy by Sam Argon
Bankruptcy has gotten more difficult with recent legislation, yet many individuals and their attorneys often turn to bankruptcy without exploring the alternatives. Bankruptcy is a major decision that will have a big impact on your life. It's not a quick fix, and it's best ...
[Added: 19 May 2006   Hits: 654   Words: 521]

30.How to Avoid Bankruptcy and the New Bankruptcy Laws by Mark Cella
Now, how to avoid bankruptcy? Find out how millions of others are becoming DEBT FREE while avoiding BK. Here you'll find a brief summary of the worthwhile options on avoiding bankruptcy, saving your credit, and accomplishing financial freedom. ...
[Added: 13 May 2006   Hits: 825   Words: 469]

31.Bankruptcy Shame - Or is it? by Riggs Owen
This bankruptcy story keeps getting better and better when you peel back the onion. Does everyone remember the big proclamation made by the federal government regarding their tough new stance on bankruptcy? The date was Oct. 17th, ...
[Added: 04 May 2006   Hits: 703   Words: 534]

32.Bankruptcy- It Is Not The End, But A New Beginning by Natasha Anderson
If you are drowned into a pool of debts and are left with nothing, it is quite certain that you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the situation in which a person owing multiple debts knocks the doors of court so as to ...
[Added: 03 May 2006   Hits: 685   Words: 468]

33.New Bankruptcy Laws - Why You Must Avoid Bankruptcy Now? by Mark Cella
The New Bankruptcy Laws - Truth about the unconstitutional new BK law changes. On April 20, 2005, George Bush signed the new "Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act" into law. Bankruptcy Abuse? Do you know anyone personally who ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 805   Words: 828]

34.Life After Bankruptcy by Mary Stevens
So you've finally been discharged from your bankruptcy, and now you are free to do whatever you want again. The world is your oyster! But before you grab a bucket and head for the beach, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, a ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 762   Words: 722]

35.So You Thought You Wouldn't Have To Deal With Creditors After Bankruptcy...WRONG! by Ed Jeffry & Luke Currier
One of the biggest challenges that people encounter after discharging a bankruptcy is the cleaning up of their credit report. The challenge is one of communication. The credit bureaus only report that which they are told ...
[Added: 20 Mar 2006   Hits: 751   Words: 946]

36.Credit after Bankruptcy | Do you need it? by Alan Thomas
Obtaining credit after bankruptcy is not so much the problem or the issue; the issue should really be, do you need it? We all know that if you live in the United States, that life without decent credit really ...
[Added: 04 Mar 2006   Hits: 774   Words: 576]

37.Debt help & advice - IVA vs Bankruptcy by Paul Mccann B.A.(Hons)
Bankruptcy versus IVA : FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement 'IVA'? A: An IVA is a legally binding contract between yourself and your creditors, which will generally last for 5 years. You will put forward an offer as settlement ...
[Added: 02 Mar 2006   Hits: 793   Words: 1508]

38.Leasing after a Bankruptcy; obtaining a bankruptcy auto loan does not have to be as difficult as the by John Preston
I've always chuckled at the reactions I receive when people ask about bankruptcy auto loans, and I suggest they be open to leasing. The looks I get are a cross between ¡°are you kidding?¡± and ¡°what did you just call me?¡± ...
[Added: 25 Jan 2006   Hits: 1043   Words: 2107]

39.Bankruptcy 101: It is 2006, stay informed. by Pete Glocker
The Basics I know most of you know about bankruptcy, for those of you that do not, here are some basics. Generally, filing bankruptcy allows people who are having financial difficulties to wipe out their debts, which can provide them with a fresh financial start. There are ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2006   Hits: 730   Words: 853]

40.Bankruptcy Tips And Helpful Alternatives by Dean Shainin
Copyright 2005 Dean Shainin Before you file bankruptcy, it is a good idea to look into other alternatives if at all possible. New bankruptcy laws make it more difficult to file than it used to be. ...
[Added: 09 Nov 2005   Hits: 768   Words: 735]

41.Bankruptcy: What's the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13? by Dan Johnson
When consumers contemplate the option of bankruptcy generally, the remedy they are specifically referring to is chapter 7 bankruptcy. The effect of the filing is to discharge someone saddled with debt from having to pay debts no longer secured with a valid lien. It also has ...
[Added: 28 Oct 2005   Hits: 839   Words: 571]

42.Bankruptcy And The Small Business Owner by Taffy Wagner
October 17th is fast approaching when the new bankruptcy laws take place. What effect will this have on the small business owner? Probably a more major effect than before. My husband and I both own ...
[Added: 17 Oct 2005   Hits: 676   Words: 662]

43.Know some benefits of bankruptcy by Jakob Jelling
Bankruptcy is a state of a person or a firm unable to pay off the debts. In legal terms, bankruptcy refers to the settlement of liabilities of a person/organization, fully or in parts, who are in a state of not able ...
[Added: 15 Oct 2005   Hits: 656   Words: 526]

44.Bankruptcy - Look for the Warning Signs by Charles Essmeier
The Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law last April, will take effect this month and bring with it some of the most sweeping changes in debt law in history. As the new requirements are much more ...
[Added: 08 Oct 2005   Hits: 684   Words: 389]

45.The Bankruptcy Record is open to the Public by Jakob Jelling
Before you file for bankruptcy, it is important to realize that all bankruptcy proceedings will be listed in public bankruptcy records. Therefore, if you have filed for bankruptcy, it is possible for anybody - including future ...
[Added: 05 Oct 2005   Hits: 652   Words: 365]

46.Get a Free Bankruptcy Form Online by Jakob Jelling
If you want to file bankruptcy on your own, you can. You just need to make sure that you get the right bankruptcy form. There are a lot of different places where you can get a bankruptcy form - including online. One thing you should keep in ...
[Added: 05 Oct 2005   Hits: 637   Words: 371]

47.Credit after Bankruptcy is not Impossible by Jakob Jelling
If you are going to file for bankruptcy, it is true that you will not have very good credit after bankruptcy. However, this does not mean that you will never be able to get loans, and ...
[Added: 05 Oct 2005   Hits: 340   Words: 383]

48.Car Loans After Bankruptcy - How Poor Credit Or A Recent Bankruptcy Can Affect Your Loan Approval by Carrie Reeder
If you have poor credit or a recent bankruptcy, you can still get approved for an auto loan through sub prime lenders. Sub prime lenders specialize in financing auto loans to people with adverse credit. And a car loan can help you rebuild your credit history, enabling ...
[Added: 28 Sep 2005   Hits: 463   Words: 407]

49.The New Bankruptcy Law "Means Test" Explained in Plain English by Charles Phelan
With the new bankruptcy law in effect as of October 17, 2005, there is a lot of confusion with regard to the new "means test" requirement. The means test will be used by the courts to determine eligibility for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 478   Words: 938]

50.What You Should Know About Bankruptcy by Jody Ehrhardt
Filing bankruptcy is not only a last resort legal action; it is also a very complicated legal action that definitely needs the expertise of a lawyer. When thinking about bankruptcy, you first need to decide if bankruptcy is right for you. If it is, then you ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 339   Words: 656]

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