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  Motorcycles Articles

  Category: Articles » Automotive » Motorcycles
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51.How Good are you in Choosing Motorcycle Helmets? by Maricon Williams
The most controversial motorcycle apparel is the helmet. Perhaps, everyone is familiar why it is controversial. To reiterate, a lot of riders are not in favor of wearing the same – that makes it very controversial compared to the rest of motorcycle apparel. Nevertheless, as for ...
[Added: 28 Oct 2005   Hits: 271   Words: 472]

52.Own the Best Motorcycle Tire by Maricon Williams
All motorcycle parts are essential and tires are one of them. Tires have different types, sizes and surfaces for varying types of motorcycles. Dirt bikes and other racer's bikes use tires that have spikes. Street ...
[Added: 27 Oct 2005   Hits: 264   Words: 416]

53.Famed OEM and Custom Motorcycle Fenders by Maricon Williams
Motorcycles evolve with time. Moreover, motorcycle parts also go with the flow of evolution. In addition, even fenders cope up with these moving changes. Buying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) fenders is like buying the exact original fenders ...
[Added: 27 Oct 2005   Hits: 505   Words: 418]

54.The Best Motorcycle Ride Ever by Maricon Williams
Riding is all about passion. Some riders want to explore the mountainous terrains. Some want to conquer the smooth road in a protracted ride. There are different types of riding. And there are different motorcycle and motorcycle ...
[Added: 27 Oct 2005   Hits: 296   Words: 409]

55.Dealing with Motorcycle Tire Wear by Maricon Williams
Worn out is to jeans, dilapidation is to buildings, exhaustion to humans - when it comes to tires it is tire wear. Tire wear is the actual removal of rubber from the tire due to scuffing. The latter is ...
[Added: 27 Oct 2005   Hits: 252   Words: 435]

56.Two vs. Four (Motorcycle Stroke Engines) by Maricon Williams
Always start with the basics. If you jump to the most complicated without having to know the basics, you'll end up returning to the very same ground. Thus, messing and missing a lot. Same in the case of motorcycle, you have to ...
[Added: 27 Oct 2005   Hits: 252   Words: 340]

57.Take Motorcycle Saddles into Consideration by Maricon Williams
Imagine the long hours of journey while mounted on your trusted bike. Just anybody can feel discomfort and annoyance while sitting on a hard and painful saddle. It does not only give less protection it can also make your butt sore! The efficiency of your ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 239   Words: 416]

58.Motorcycle Gloves against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Maricon Williams
Motorcycle gloves function is not as simple as we imagine it. Riders fall and when they do, they will most likely need some sort of protection to lessen the impact of collision to the ground. The ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 1209   Words: 412]

59.Motorcycle Boots for Everyone! by Maricon Williams
Boots seem to have tickled the fancy of everyone… Everybody loves it - regardless of age, gender and place, boots will one of the topmost footwear choice. Whenever we roam around the city, we observe that boots is on of the hype trend now than it was before. ...
[Added: 18 Oct 2005   Hits: 337   Words: 451]

60.Coming to the Rescue…with Motorcycle First-Aid Kit by Maricon Williams
How safe is riding? Or how dangerous can it be? Perhaps, the level varies depending on the rider's manner of driving and the efficiency of the bike's totality. Nevertheless, we can't say that responsible drivers will never encounter accident - same thing that ...
[Added: 18 Oct 2005   Hits: 283   Words: 418]

61.Where in the world is exceptional Motorcycle Apparel Eyewear found? by Maricon Williams
The importance of motorcycle apparel cannot be overemphasized. This is true even to the eyewear trend line. It is the crucial thing that protects our precious eyes. Without it, glare, dust, smoke and other hazardous elements can freely penetrate our eyes. Exceptional motorcycle eyewear ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 567   Words: 413]

62.Recommended Nutrition for Motorcycle Riders by Maricon Williams
Motorcycle riders are pretty active. They go for the toughest riding challenge. They are into one of the most exhaustive sports and leisure. Thus, they need extra attention to their health so as to keep a sound and healthy body. ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 310   Words: 466]

63.Motorcycle Rider's Lingo and Remedies by Maricon Williams
Motorcycle riders have their own way of expressing themselves. They may seem hard to understand yet easy to recognize. From the kind of bikes they are riding (be it street or dirt), the tattoos painted ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 452]

64.Custom Motorcycle Never Fails to Amuse Me by Maricon Williams
Every time I see a customized motorcycle, I can't help but stare in amusement. There is something in that kind of bike that makes me glance on it a second time if not follow it ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 287   Words: 389]

65.Wiping the Traces of your Motorcycle's Past by Maricon Williams
There is a built-in predilection within all of us to choose the newest, the trendiest, and the most wanted. In every thing we wish to possess, in every option we want to pick, we simply cannot resist the most appealing to our senses. What make these things attractive? Certainly, whatever ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 312   Words: 482]

66.Motorcycle Trailer Hitches by Elizabeth Morgan
Heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and sport utility vehicles are not the only ones that can haul cargo. It may be hard to believe, but motorcycles can be equipped with hitches as well. Motorcycle trailer hitches can be added ...
[Added: 10 Oct 2005   Hits: 397   Words: 324]

67.Flashes of Motorcycle's Beginning by Maricon Williams
The motorcycle we are enjoying now has simple beginning. It has only developed into a powerful machine in time. Most of the riders are not even aware of its past so let us bring back the time and ...
[Added: 30 Sep 2005   Hits: 314   Words: 393]

68.Caring For Your Motorcycle When It's Being Stored by Shirley Bullington
As the weather gets cooler, is your motorcycle ready to be put up for the winter? Even if you plan to ride your bike through the cold winter months, here are some ideas on winter care. Or, maybe your have ...
[Added: 30 Sep 2005   Hits: 305   Words: 421]

69.Motorcycle's 'Good Riddance' by Maricon Williams
You bumped into another vehicle..Let's say the situation may have been reversed. Another vehicle was the one that bumped your bike. Why do these things happen? Causes Colission and other road accidents happen because of a lot of causes – lack of conspicuity, recklessness ...
[Added: 27 Sep 2005   Hits: 354   Words: 349]

70.Motorcycle Risk Management by Maricon Williams
What speed am I going to maintain? Is it time to swerve? To stop? Or just go slow? Riders are oftentimes facing a situation that absolutely needs a split-second decision in order to escape collision. In times like this background on risk management ...
[Added: 27 Sep 2005   Hits: 362   Words: 377]

71.Motorcycle Plugs Warning Colors and Looks by Maricon Williams
Bike's language is easy to comprehend. Even just by staring at it, you can already grasp the message. Just the mere spark plug color can determine the condition of the bike. Spark plugs change color ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 285   Words: 719]

72.How to Manage your Motorcycle Accident Claim by Maricon Williams
A collision happened. One involving your motorcycle and another involving a van. You suffered injuries. After you have been confined in a hospital, what will you do next? Are you going to be passive or manage a motorcycle accident claim? Motorcycle claims need not be that serious in ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 264   Words: 315]

73.How to Replace Motorcycle Grips by Maricon Williams
Riders can easily be bored by the look, design and feel of their motorcycle parts and gears. New look excites them. It also gives them a different hype. This is the reason why they keep on changing them from time to time. Most, ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 591   Words: 346]

74.5 Ways to be Safe on a Motorcycle by Maricon Williams
Truck collided with an SUV. Motorcycle bumped unto a deer. A car turned turtle. Head-on collision, bumps, injuries and deaths are rampant in our busy streets. These are common occurences in our busy roads. They have become common that they are already treated as ordinary ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 271   Words: 432]

75.Choosing a Motorcycle by Keith Nivon
You are about to embark on a one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. Life is a journey! You may as well be riding a Harley Davidson! Choosing a motorcycle ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 251   Words: 626]

76."My Motorcycle won't start!! What now?" by Keith Nivon
Maintain your Battery and check your charging system! 9 times out of 10 the reason why your bike won't start is usually because of the battery condition or loose connections. A charging system ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 383   Words: 714]

77.Is somebody stealing your motorcycle!! by Keith Nivon
"You can never be too paranoid". That sums it up when talking about someone wanting to relieve you of your hard earned Harley Davidson motorcycle. Bike thieves have nothing but time and imagination when it comes to stealing bikes. It is up to ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 292   Words: 384]

78.A Closer Look at Hydrogen Powered Motorcycles by Maricon Williams
An innovation has recently triggered the riders' curiosity and scrutiny. This was all about the launching of hydrogen powered motorcycles. These motorcycles are called ENV (pronounced as envy) or emissions neutral vehicle. The speed is 50 mph or 80 km/h at the range of at least 100 ...
[Added: 25 Aug 2005   Hits: 307   Words: 438]

79.Motorcycle Leather: A Purchasing Guide For Leather Motorcycle Apparel by Michael Talbert
Since the dawn of the age of motorcycling, it was apparent that something was needed to protect the exposed human body from the elements. The natural solution was leather. The leather motorcycle jacket, a style made popular by such movie ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 917]

80.Steps To Assist Motorcycle Buyers Avoid Upside Down Motorcycle Loans! by Jay Fran
With a new motorcycles depreciation being so high shortly after it is driven away from the dealer, the potential for a motorcycle buyer owing more on their new motorcycle loan than the motorcycle is worth is quite high. Most people label owing more ...
[Added: 24 May 2005   Hits: 296   Words: 653]

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