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Don't start your holiday with a bang: Manchester Airport hotels... they could save your life

By Bethanie Ashley

We've all been there. Struggling to get to sleep the night before travelling away on holiday on an early flight, half through excitement and half through knowing your body

needs to get some shut eye before waking early doors. So after a few hours half sleep, you wake and leave for the journey to the airport in the pitch dark. Not the best

frame of mind to be in charge of a car.

Research commissioned by the Government found that falling asleep at the wheel accounts for up to 20% of crashes on motorways or similar roads, and as many as one in

ten of all crashes on Britain's roads. To add to this, if you fall asleep at the wheel, you are 50% more likely to die or suffer serious injury because a sleeping driver does not

react before a crash.

When you start feeling drowsy behind the wheel, opening the window for fresh air and turning up the radio to fight off tiredness are only short term fixes – your body is

warning you that you need to sleep – so don't ignore the signals. The Department for Transport offers the following advice for driving when tired on their THINK road safety


+ Plan your journey to include a 15 minute break every 2 hours
+ If you feel drowsy, find a safe place to stop (not the hard shoulder)
+ Drink two cups of coffee or a high-caffeine drink and have a rest for 10-15 minutes to allow time for the caffeine to kick in
+ Don't start a long trip if you are already tired
+ Remember the risks if you have to get up unusually early to start a long drive
+ Try to avoid long trips between midnight and 6am when you're likely to feel sleepy anyway

Driving between midnight and 6am presents a particular risk for sleep-related crashes as this is when your 'body clock' is in a natural trough. So what are your options when

you have to get to the Airport early in the morning? If you are fairly local to Manchester Airport, book a taxi and let someone who has trained their body clock for night shifts


Alternatively, the simple solution for passengers taking an early flight is to book into a local hotel and with Manchester Airport hotels in abundance, there really are no

excuses. Booking into an hotel Manchester will not only get your holiday off to a less stressful start, it could also save your life. Whether you require budget

accommodation B&B hotels Manchester or high star rating luxury hotels with business facilities there are many options either at, or nearby the Airport.

The Radisson SAS Hotel Manchester Airport is conveniently located between all three Airport terminals, the coach stations and rail stations within the Manchester Airport

complex. The hotel is linked via undercover access to the Airport Terminals via the Sky link elevated walkway. The rooms are in a variety of styles and all business class

rooms offer panoramic views of the Airport and Manchester City.

The Radisson SAS Hotel Manchester Airport boasts a beauty salon and health club including an indoor swimming pool and fitness equipment. Hotel guests can choose

between the AA Rosette award winning a la carte menu, or a range of snacks and meals in a casual setting. Conference facilities are also available to seat up to 350

delegates. The hotel offers on-site parking available to all hotel guests at a nominal charge.

Bewleys Hotel Manchester Airport is situated minutes from Terminals 1 & 3, and offers spacious and superbly appointed en-suite rooms. The hotel offers guests an

extensive a la carte menu using the finest local produce. The hotel lounge also offers free wireless internet for all guests. Conference facilities are available to seat up to 36


The Bewleys Hotel offers holiday park and stay Manchester Terminals, which means you can park your car at the hotel and get a good night's sleep before flying out the

following morning. Passengers wishing to use this service should contact the hotel in advance for more details.

There are many other hotels surrounding Manchester Airport including country residences, guest houses, B&B Hotels Heathrow, and budget accommodation. A quick way

to find the hotel that will suit your needs is to search for Manchester Airport hotels online.

So next time you are flying out of Manchester on an early morning flight, as the Department of Transport would say, THINK about your journey and if tiredness could be an

issue, don't take the risk - organise a taxi or book into one of the many Manchester Airport hotels.

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About the Author
Bethanie Ashley is a frequent traveller keen to pass on time and money saving advice, such as how to get to the airport, Terminal facilities, Airport security, Airlines, destinations, and for booking and paying for airport lounges, car rental, airport parking, travel insurance and foreign currency, can be found on the Manchester Information.

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