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6 Proven Ways To Get People To Read Your Articles Today

By Michael Smith

Article marketing has become a fantastic way to get new prospects to your website. However, your article must not be boring so the person reading it just bails out. Simple changes to your article can have a huge impact on the "wow" factor of your article. Today I'm going to explain six ways to put the punch back into writing.

First, keep paragraphs relatively short. If your paragraphs are too long people seem to feel intimidated by them. Often you may loose your spot while reading it because there are so many sentences blocked together.

Try to keep your paragraphs from 2-5 lines. However this doesn't mean that your paragraph can't be one line or even one word. So keep them short.

Second, using sub-headlines can really improve the flow of your article. When most people read articles they skim through them unless it's truly interesting. The best way to get your readers attention is to split up the information and have attention grabbing sub heads.

Third, you must have a headline that pulls the reader into the rest of the copy. Don't use "6 Ways To Profit From Adsense." Use a headline like, "6 Amazingly Easy Ways To Profit From Adsense." If the headline doesn't get the reader interested and wanting more then you have failed. If the headline pulls the reader in then they will read the rest of your article.

Fourth, a good way to break up the material is to use bullets or numbers. These can be a great way of guiding the reader along, while showing them the most important material. Like I said earlier most people just skim the article and look for relevant points, so provide them the points in bullets.

Fifth, provide facts and figures when truly necessary. The last thing you want is for it to look like you're just making things up. So whenever necessary provide some facts, however make sure it flows with the paragraphs.

Lastly, you must keep the reader interested in what you're saying from the beginning to the end. From the headline to the conclusion you must use some real life situations and experiences for reader interest. To help them enjoy the reading experience use metaphors and good descriptions to put drive your points in.
About the Author
Mike Smith Specializes in Teaching Real People How to Build Massively Successful Home Businesses. All Without EVER Buying a Single Lead. To Get Instant Free Access to His Insider Secrets Visit:

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