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Eliminate Frustration With These Surefire Bamboo Planting Tips!

By Dean Caporella

Caring for bamboo plants requires a little know how initially however, once the bamboo has become established in it's pot or in the ground, maintenance isn't difficult at all.

The critical period for bamboo is following the initial planting. Watering is essential during this time as it can dry out. If bamboo is bought in pots it's strongly recommended to soak it in water for several hours before planting. It's a good idea to add fertilizer during this process although not excessively.

Preparing Your Site

Once you have established a planting site preparation should take place. You want to make sure the site has good drainage levels and you can test this by filling the hole with water. If the water disappears within several minutes then the site should be suitable however, if the water just sits there then you'll need to make other arrangements.

Alternatively, assisting the water drainage can be an option although this will require a little extra work. A makeshift drainage application can be added to direct the water out of the hole.

The Planting Process

Planting the bamboo is the next critical step. Make sure the hole is deep enough because after you remove the plant from it's pot and place it in it's new position, it's a good idea to ensure the bamboo is placed a an inch or two below the level of the soil.

This is a good time to add extra potting mix around the root ball. Make sure to use a good reliable mix and your garden supplier should be able to advise you in this area. As you pack down the mix around the root ball check there are no gaps between it and the side of the hole. You want to be particularly careful not to leave gaps. Also, handle the root ball with care so not to damage the roots.

Caring For Bamboo Plants As They Get Established

Once the bamboo has been firmly planted with no gaps between the plant's root ball and the base, some extra fertilizer can be added around the outskirts of the plant. Watering is essential during this time as the bamboo gets established. The root system will begin to search for a firm foothold and watering should be kept up at regular intervals.

Caring for bamboo plants once they become established is usually a breeze even for the worst of green thumbs. Bamboo is an adaptable plant and will reward you with an excellent outlook and plenty of privacy if you are looking to put a barrier between yourself and the neighbors.
About the Author
Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. If you are about to plant bamboo then you need to read this guide on caring for bamboo plants before going any further. Plus get the latest bamboo news and reviews at:

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