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Stop Smoking Products-Patch: Acquiring Smoking Cessation Help

By Javier Fuller

Who is the main enemy of a smoker? It is the nicotine, which is no ordinary addiction. It consists of 4000 poisonous elements and 40 of them are linked with cancer disease. So, if an individual is to be saved from smoking, the problem of nicotine has to be tackled on the priority basis. Excess nicotine has to be drained out of the body. The purpose of Nicotine Replacement Therapies and Nicotine Therapies is the same. Other sidekicks like patch do render a helping hand. But they can not give you total freedom. They can join in the freedom struggle. But your strong will power has to lead this struggle against the cigarettes. It is the main stop smoking product.

The battle against nicotine is intense. During this type of treatment, the individual is barred from smoking, but given appropriate doses of nicotine to avoid unpleasant consequences. This keeps his state of mind in proper shape and gradually, the dosage of nicotine is reduced.

The other stop smoking products are gums and patches. As for the gum, the formula applied is the same. Nicotine is laced with chewing gum. The efforts to quit smoking are as old as smoking. The FDA approved gum was developed in the year 1984. But even the FDA approval could not prove the final merit of the gum.

Many people became addicted to it. Though, in the initial phase of the introduction of the drug on the commercial scale, it was appreciated. Then nasal sprays, inhalers and what are known as transdermal skin patch took the market by storm. The uses of the patches were greatly satisfying.

To bid adieu to smoking, patch or no patch, gum or no gum, is the ultimate that you can achieve in this area of addiction. Kicking up the smoking addiction may become secondary if your main resolution is in tact. Come to the non-smoker's paradise. You will understand the difference, what it was to remain a smoker, when you find deeply addicted people moving around you.

Once you quit smoking you should not fall into a false sense of security, thinking that you are the winner. Join the non-smoker's group and keep away from smokers. There is nothing discourteous about it. After all, it is your life. If you are in the company of people who are in search of quit smoking process, your confidence will grow.

Laser treatment, and acupuncture treatment are the other procedures that help you in your sincere efforts to stop smoking.
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