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What is my favourite philosophy books?

By Yube

As I am one of the most philosophy books addict and I would like to give some information about may favourite ones for any of you just in case looking for some guideline of buying a philosophy book. During almost 10 years of being addicted I have read hundreds of them but also there are quite number of them that I have never read. However, I still have heard some of good ones were cited hundreds of times.

Bateson in one of my favourite writer, his books had taken me from the real world and feel that I could not leave his books from my hand until I finish reading it. Both of his titles called Steps to an Ecology of Mind and Mind and Nature are my favourite books. Even though my friends told me that the first one is very good to read but I eventually come up with the second one, Mind and Nature and this title became my favourite just right away. Even though the physical shape, which was paperback edition made me a bit discouraging to read a first glance but when I started to open it and read so I found that it is no doubt why Bantam has defined this book as a new age book and was very well known as an interconnectedness of all things, then I have very clear idea about which definition that came from. Detail inside the book was the introduction of the basic principle of how we can understand both nature and social science deeply and learn about how they interconnect to each other.

The writer start the story by introducing very fundamental scientific terms that even young school boys should familiar with, which I love this starting point very much because this will make all level of readers feel comfortable and understand what the book trying to communicate and want to do further read. Then the later chapters followed by the epistemological foundations on the importance of combining different perspectives and some other different types of relationship between nature and scientific stuff. The major idea in the who book that I can make a summary for you here is the writer writing about three important element, which are: 1) explaining the reason and criteria of mind existence 2) study parallels between learning and evolution in random basis and 3) constructing a general purpose epistemological schematic.

Even though I am not totally agree with all the detail in the book which, sometime quite conflict to my basic of understanding but the writer used writing explanation which was really tackles subjects which have been largely ignored by traditional analytic philosophy, which considered is crucial importance to learn and understanding the fundamental of science.

As I have to say that even though there some difficult and complexities in the book, that is if you have very low background so you may be get lost and don't know what the writer trying to communicate then you might get entirely the wrong idea, but I still insist that this book is worth reading so don't limit yourself by refusing to learn the details about philosophy. The more you know, the easier it will be to focus on what's important.

Tatiya T.
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