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How To Slow Aging With This Simple Antiaging Solution

By Dean Caporella

Exactly what is an antiaging solution? Is it the eternal fountain of youth we have heard so much about but to this day still remains a myth or is it simply an antiaging routine we can adapt to our day-to-day lives to slow the aging process just a little? Let's be realistic, unless the fountain of youth does exist or you have a healthy bank balance, slowing the aging process or keeping it in check is plain common sense.

A Simple Antiaging Solution

What's the answer? What if I told you proper nutrition would form the basis of your antiaging solution. That's right...nutrition! You hear it everyday... "make sure you have a nutrition balanced diet" or "watch what you eat and make sure it's full of the goodness of vitamins."

Getting optimal amounts of nutrition everyday is as close to an antiaging solution you'll get. Why? Well, nutrition is the food of choice for our body cells and if we can provide them with the right sustenance on a daily basis, not in modest but optimal amounts, then we are providing our body with all the ammunition it needs to fight off aging and disease.

The problem today is most of the nutritional value in our food has disappeared. Because of improved and smarter farming and food preservation techniques during the past 60 years, food's nutritional value has gradually diminished to the point where we need to make up the shortfall by taking extra antioxidants and minerals via other sources. This then leads to another problem...are the antioxidant and mineral products available on the shelves today in the correct balance and amounts? Do they actually contain and do what the label on the bottle or container says? You'll be surprised at the answer!

An Antiaging Solution Shortlist

Here's a simple shortlist of things you should consider for your antiaging solution:

1. Reduce Stress And Tension - Stress has been identified as not only a leading cause of ailments but is also a killer. Stress and tension is also a leading producer of free radicals within our bodies which in turn, if not countered, will invade and damage bory cells by the millions.

2. Eating healthy is so obvious as part of any antiaging solution but many just simply ignore it. Eating fruits and vegetables and drinking an ample quantity of water, preferably distilled, will be a step in the right direction. However, fruit and vegetables have become victim to food preservation techniques and the truth is, by the time it reaches the consumer, a lot of the goodness has disappeared. This is where optimal amounts of antioxidant and minerals come in as we discussed above.

3. Good skin care treatment compliments the reduction of stress and proper nutrition intake as part of your antiaging solution. Applying a quality cleanser and hydrating toner routine followed by a protective emulsifier on a daily basis is almost crucial, particularly if you spend lots of time in the sun, wear make up or, eat poorly. Providing nourishment to the skin, the body's largest organ, is is as important as keeping your body cells healthy.

Combined, reducing stress, eating healthy and using quality skin care treatment is and antiaging solution that's pretty hard to beat, unless of course you have stumbled across the fountain of youth!
About the Author
Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Discover the perfect antiaging solution to slow down the aging process. Plus, get the latest antiaging news and reviews at:

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