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Giving Your Business a Vision Others Can Envision

By Yvonne Weld

Simply put, a vision statement allows others to know what your vision for your company is. Where do you want your company to go? What is your company's ultimate goal? To help put together your vision statement take the time to close your eyes and think about what your company will look like in 5 years. The picture you have created is your vision and will work towards developing your vision statement.

When asked by others what your vision statement is, are you providing them with an answer that truly allows them to envision that picture you are working to create? Will that picture tell them where you ultimately are headed with your business?

Keep in mind that how you word your statement can mean the difference between excitement and pure boredom on the part of your potential clients, investors and others that will aid you in reaching your vision. Since our clients buy based on emotions, which emotion (excitement or boredom) is more likely to have them "chomping at the bit" for your product or service? In the same respect, we also need to excite potential investors to aid us in reaching our vision. Although investors try to remain impartial and look at the facts before investing, the ability to create excitement could be the missing ingredient required to entice them to invest with your company.

To demonstrate the power of emotion, let's look at an example of a simple vision statement:

ABC Virtual Assistants provides administrative support with the goal of educating others to increase their client base.

Yes, this is a vision statement because it clearly states where ABC Virtual Assistants are headed, but do you really care? Has this statement excited you to the point of wanting to jump on board with them and assist them to reach this vision? Have they created a picture for you so you can see clearly how they will do this? Can you envision their ultimate goals? Most likely the feeling evoked by this statement is "Who Cares". This I am sure is not the reaction we are looking for from potential clients and investors.

Let's take another look at that vision statement, but this time let's ensure there is an emotional component to the statement:

As pioneers of the new age of Virtual Assistants, it is hoped that someday soon people will be asking "Who is your Virtual Assistant?" as opposed to "What is a Virtual Assistant?" ABC Virtual Assistants hope to accomplish this by educating others through seminars and speaking engagements and by providing exemplary administrative services to their clients. We will work until the term Virtual Assistant is a household term.

Which statement has allowed you to see a picture and truly envision the future for the company? Which company do you think will be more successful in reaching their goals?

The next time you are putting together a vision statement for your company or sharing your goals with others helping you to create a thriving business, remember to ALWAYS include an emotional component to that statement.
About the Author
Yvonne Weld is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business and is the owner of ABLE Virtual Assistant Services. For more information about The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business and how you can protect your business from unexpected absences due to injury, sickness or even death, visit the Web site at This article may only be copied in its entirety and with the author's bio attached.

Yvonne Weld is the owner of Canadian based ABLE Virtual Assistant Services and the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business". For more information visit

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