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Build A Visible Internet Presence And Make An Income Online

By Cynthia Minnaar

There is no doubt about the fact that the further you can spread your home business income site across the internet, thereby building a visible internet presence, the easier it is to make an income online.

To make the internet presence of your home business income site felt among the millions of websites can seem a daunting task when you first start an online home business, but this article will describe a few methods you can use to not only make your website memorable but how to distribute it far and wide over the internet in an impressionable way.

Create a Theme and use a Logo or Photograph

To add interest to your website create a theme and make it memorable to the visitor by using a logo or photograph which you can also use on your blog. You can personalize your site by making and installing a Favicon. This can always be a smaller version of your logo, so the theme is carried right through. It is much easier to locate sites in a Favorites Menu when they have a favicon. A Favicon is short for Favorites Icon or it is sometimes called a bookmark icon. The Favicon also shows in the address bar as well. Notice the red Y! symbol that appears in the left-most area of the address bar in Internet Explorer when you open Yahoo!, or the butterfly in MSN.

Writing and Distributing Articles

This has got to be one of the fastest ways to make the internet presence of your home business income site felt as long as you regularly and consistently write and distribute informative, useful and interesting articles to as many article directories as possible. Not only do you pick up lots of backlinks to your website, but your name and that of your website will get a lot of exposure. When you complete the Author's Profile in the article directories be sure to provide information that will encourage readers to visit your website and take advantage of the option to upload your photograph as this adds credibility as well.

Spend time optimizing your articles with carefully chosen keyword phrases and include them in the title, body and the Author's Bio Box, as this is an important key to making an income online. Most article directories allow the use of html in the Bio Box enabling you to 'anchor text', so anchor your keywords as well as the url of your internet online home business website. This will provide a backlink via your article from the article directory to your site. Optimizing your articles is really important because if done correctly and the article is submitted to a high PR directory, your article can appear on page one of Google as well as help the search engine placement of your website.

You never know who is going to see your articles, as you have no control over who has RSS feeds to the article directories or which ezine owner may select your article to feature in their ezine or which webmaster may choose to boost their website content by adding your article.

There are guides out there from highly authoritative sites looking for good content. You never know when you could receive an email, from a highly respected site in the eyes of Google and the internet public, stating that they have just read one of your articles and invite you to become a periodic Guest Author on their site. The exposure you will receive will be extremely valuable, not to mention the backlinks from a high ranking site that receives thousands of page views per month.

Some of the larger high ranking article directories do not have an article submission page. They request that you apply for membership by email enclosing a sample of your work. Do not miss this opportunity to make an income online by passing these directories by, spend the extra time to apply for membership, as being accepted will mean that your articles receive great exposure, often on the first page of Google.

Posting in Forums

Forums are an exciting arena where you can make a name for yourself in a relatively short space of time by positively and constructively contributing to topics that you are very familiar with.

Forums give you the opportunity to add a signature where you can anchor your keywords as well as the url of your home business income site, similar to that of an Author's Bio Box when submitting articles to the article directories. Most forums allow you to upload an avatar, so you could use the photo or logo that you have used on your website.

You can create a captive audience in a forum by starting a discussion that will add value and invite participation from the other members. You can increase your presence on the internet very quickly by actively participating in a few forums and constructively posting 3 to 5 times a day in each forum. Spend time in the forums every day just browsing, reading through topics and responding to posts as desired.

You will receive valuable backlinks from your postings in the forums and even indexing of topics in the search engines, not to mention the work your signature is quietly doing in improving the internet presence of your home business income site.

Create your own personal brand awareness

By putting the above tips into practice regularly and consistently you will in effect be creating your own personal brand awareness. After a few weeks of posting on forums and distributing your own informative articles you will be surprised at the inroads you will have made. After a few months you will be a respected author, webmaster and forum contributor, your home business income site will be visible on places you never thought possible. Keep up this practice and you will make an income online.
About the Author
Cynthia Minnaar is the owner and webmaster of, the site for online home business opportunities, internet income training, ideas to start an online home business and ideas to make an income online. You may publish my article provided you include the resource box at the end.

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