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Why are Autoresponders like dating? - How an opt-in list helps you sell

By Brian Cotsen

Here's the story...

So you're at a party, you chat with friends, mingle, talk with more friends and then, suddenly, you see them... across a crowded room

You chat to her, she chats to you and everything seems to fall into place... you're getting on great.

What now?

So with that analogy....

Someone is surfing the internet and finds this great website (you). So this person is loving your website, they are clicking on this page and that and making mental notes on what they would like to read next or even buy...

Then the phone rings, the door buzzes or the boss walks into the office...

Your visitor quickly clicks off the internet and bang... they've lost you forever...

Will they remember your url

Will they remember how they happened to find you?

Are they destined to search the 'once seen' search engine looking for your website for ever more?

Back to the party

So you and the person, you're attracted to, are getting on brilliantly. You've loads in common, they're witty, intelligent attractive...

What happens now?

You exchange telephone numbers or email addresses ... right?

Well of course you do - if you didn't then how would you meet up again?

Bet you can see where this is leading.

You see you know that you've had a great time, but you're not in love or anything.

You'd like to repeat the experience again, but also you want to meet this person in different circumstances to see if you like them as much as you first did.

Perhaps you need to meet them a few times before you're sure it might go somewhere...

So you meet once, twice or more times and begin to get to know each other, get to trust each other and ...

Website marketers know that most people need 7 or so exposures to ads, recommendations or new ideas before they begin to trust and then consider buying or committing to something.


Well this is where an Autoresponder makes it's entrance.

It's no accident that the most important tool every successful website marketer uses is an autoresponder.

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders are simple but essential website marketing tools to help you to grow your business on line.

But what does an autoresponder actually do?

At it's most basic it is a piece of software or a tool that allows website owners to send e-mails or newsletters automatically.

No it wont write them for you... perhaps that's a matter of time though!

What it does is respond to your visitors website enquiries.

But a more advanced & financially useful way of using autoresponders is to create a sequence of pre-prepared emails and then load them into your autoresponder.

Whenever a visitor, to your website, fills in a form and opts into your newsletter, free weekly course, hint & tips, etc The autoresponder handles the whole process of recording their email and other details, and then sending out the information that you have loaded into the autoresponder.

You can control the number and frequency that those emails, newsletters or what ever get sent out.

You can send out a special newsletter to every member on your email list... you'll hear more about the 'List' as we go on... at the click of the mouse.

The autoresponder even handles people who no longer wish to subscribe to your regular newsletter or other communication.

This allows you to build highly targeted lists almost automatically while you are free to get on with other jobs that will make you money.

Your website visitors get nice friendly emails, did I mention that you can personalise the emails so that every person is greeted by their own name... and you can ensure that they never forget your url because you keep in contact with them.

So now can you see why this is the most important website marekting tool to have!

Read more about autoresponders and how they can increase your revenue and conversion rates of visitors to buyers see the author bio box

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About the Author
Brian Cotsen writes articles & reviews tools to help you succeed with your website or online internet affiliate marketing. For more great free articles visit

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