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Bring On Summer! You May Never Have To Wax You Bikini Line Again

By Lucy Ross

You Walk In, The Clock Is ticking, 10 Minutes until your appointment with Frieda the Russian Bikini Waxer, You Cringe anticipating the pain, for the 10 excruciating minutes until Frieda announces your name and takes you into her room of terror!
Not Your Idea Of A Fun Time?.. Not Mine either.. Thats Why it Pays To Choose Laser Hair Removal !

Tending to your bikini line is part of thousands of womens beauty regimes, no long are hairs allowed to run wild on the female anatomy, these days women are seeking out professional help to rid themselves of unwanted hair, and remain smooth and hair free.

There are four more popular types of hair removal, frequently women are seeking out the following styles from their local waxer, and some even do for the DIY method, although this can be messy, and sometimes end in tears and blood blisters.

Bikini Line This is basically removing the outer pubic hair, this is to take away any hair that would be visible outside of the underwear of bikini line, but still leaving the majority of other hair there.

High Bikini This is Taking off a little more hair, and may be necessary for those revealing swimsuits, or lingerie

Brazilian Waxing This is one of the most popular styles of hair removal, and there is a very lucrative market for waxing technicans. Many people will pay good money every month to be rid of dreaded pubic hair! Basically most of the hair is waxed off, except for a small area, which is usually shaped, some popular styles can be anything from a racing strip, to lightning bolts, trees, and even hearts.

Hollywood Wax And finally the Hollywood wax means its all off, thats right your smooth as a baby's bottom... literally, there are a number of opinions on how much pubic hair should be removed, but its really a personal thing.

If your a first timer maybe you could consider going through the stages, to see what works for you, then you can test how you style yourself, rather then getting it all off.

Now Its Time For Pubic Laser Hair Removal

Now that you know how much hair you would like to take off, you can get a laser hair removal consultation, and rid yourself of that hair forever... thats right, no more dreaded waxes with Frieda required, just a few consultations and treatments at a laser hair removal center, and bikini waxes are a thing of the past, and you can allocate that money to something more fun... like a new bikini!

Lucy Able is Webmaster of Laser Hair Removal, Learn more about the Physical requirments of laser hair removal
About the Author
Lucy Able is Webmaster of Laser Hair Removal, Learn more about the Physical requirments of laser hair removal.

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