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Children behavioral problems how to be recognized and what's to be done about them?

By Sylvie. Brinton.

Many parents have to put up with whining, temper tantrums, and other annoying behaviors at home, at their friends, even when out shopping. Some even have to deal with stealing, lying and other more serious "crimes". But how many of these parents know that their kids might be suffering of child behavior problems or child discipline problems? How many know the exact reasons why children do what they do and the exact steps one must take in order to get their children to stop the bad behavior?

As a general rule, any family wishes to have more fun and less stress as a whole. In turn, only few of them come to accomplish this goal. Many of them have children with major child behavior problems or disorders like learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, Autism, and Obsessive Compulsive disorders. Others are simply tearing their hair out about their children's oppositional and defiant behaviours - kids who throw temper tantrums, sass back at their parents, beat up their brothers and colleagues, refuse to do as they are told, refuse to go to school but instead, have other core preoccupations like stealing, lying, you name it.

Many of these parents feel completely hopeless when confronted with child discipline problems or child behavior problems. They feel like complete failures as parents and, in the end, they come to seek professional help. Fortunately, specialists at have good news for them: they can help as long as parents don't expect any magic formula to make everything go away. Doctors cannot suddenly make Autism, ADHD or other child behavior problems or child discipline problems disappear; they can only make parents feel much more confident and much less stressed.

Children having behavior or discipline problems, either diagnosed or not, can be recognized by tracking down some characteristics. They are rude and defiant, aggressive or violent, sullen and moody, and most of the times, they show poor self esteem, depressed, anxious. They are hyperactive, always on the go and into everything, and not willing to accept NO as an answer to their demands, but in exchange, they won't go to school, or do their homework, or go to bed, or do as they are told. Child behavior problems or child discipline problems also include frequent temper tantrums (or outbursts), lying and/or stealing, constantly being in trouble at school or on the street. As a consequence, parents feel tired, stressed, and hopeless that they will ever have a normal, happy family life, without finding themselves constantly shouting at their children or at their partner about how to manage kids. They are continuously worried about their kids not to drop out or be expelled from school, or worse, go off the rails into drugs and crime.

Helping children diagnosed as having behavior or discipline problems requires exactly the same principles as managing any normal child. Parents need to get to know their children's individual personality and learning style, to know what motivates or doesn't motivate them, and then adapt their strategies and expectations to that. If all these are properly done, then parents will be able to come up with the right strategies for a child whether or not they have a diagnosis pertaining to child behavior problems or child discipline problems spectrum.

Child behavior problems are not diseases in the sense that they are caused by germs, by injury, or by a clearly defined physical malfunction (such as asthma or diabetes). They are simply the result of parts of the brain not working at full efficiency. Some of them are partly genetic often, a parent has the same symptoms. Some others are long term problems; therefore, they develop from child behavior problems and continue through the teen years and probably even into adulthood.

The biggest concern in cases of child behavior problems or child discipline problems is the danger of developing long term complications, such as failing in school and so dropping out, repeated permanent school exclusions, or the worst of all, turning to drinking, drugs, crimes, or becoming depressed and anxious. Therefore, preventing complications is the major goal of child behavioral problems management. In this long term process, parents are ones in charge because parents have to live with their kids and know them best, and moreover, as a parent, you are most concerned about kids' well-being. Committed parents need to develop a good communication network between home, school and other professionals. They need to establish clear behavioral management strategies and do whatever adjustments are necessary in the home environment. Medication, although it is not a cure, can be an very useful help under the strict supervision of a professional.
About the Author
The bottom line advice is that health professionals cannot raise your children, nor solve all your child behavior problems or child discipline problems for you. However, they do something very important: assist parents in getting unstuck from what seems to be hopeless life circumstances.

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