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3 Vastly Missed Ways To Profit On You Site

By Michael Smith

If you currently own a website and are trying to sell a product then you must know this information. Most people miss very good opportunities to profit from their website. In this article I'm going to disclose three ways to profit from your site and how your visitors won't see it on the surface.

1) Thank You Pages:

Personally I believe thank you pages are the one of the best ways to promote another product. Think about this, when is the best time to see if the customer wants something else? You guessed it, when the customer has their credit card in hand and is already in the buying mode. So when you make a thank you page for their order don't just have it say thank you. Make sure the page has some sort of special offer that they can take advantage of.

Another type of thank you page is when someone signs up for your newsletter. This is a great way to promote free courses that backend a product. Give them a free 10 day course of valuable knowledge that backends a bigger product. This is a great way to get some additional profits from people who just signed up for your list.

Also, if someone buys an e-book or a digital product then on the download page you could recommend other products. The best time to do this is when the customer has already purchased something from you. A customer with their credit card in hand is much more willing to buy than someone you first met.

2) Upsells:

This is best described by an example. Think about when you buy something from, when you make your purchase at the bottom of the page are similar recommended products. So what Amazon is doing is called upselling, they are recommending another product as you make a purchase.

You can add an upsell to the order page of your original product. So when they purchase the original product they have the option of buying a complementary product too. This tactic can make you very rich if used correctly. One thing to remember is that you want to upsell a product that has correlation to the original. Kind of like a car dealer offering you financing, extended warranties, or an upgraded security system. Again the best time to ask for another sale is when you are making the original sale.

3) Confirmation or Thank You Emails:

This tactic is similar to thank you pages, but it's in an email format. After the customer buys a product they are sent an email which upsells another product. In the email you will include all the necessary info like company contact information but at the bottom maybe in a P.S. you can offer a product.

After you implement these three areas into your website/sales funnel you will see your sales vastly increase.
About the Author
Mike Smith Specializes in Teaching Real People How to Succeed In The Online Jungle. For Instant Access To Learn How To Earn More On The Web, Gain More Credibilty And Explode Your Profits Visit: Click Here For Instant Access!

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