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Sonicview FTA Receivers & File Support

By Jeff Herder

FTA receivers are the latest trend in the Dish FTA community and have made each and every person to watch free satellite Television. Simply you need to plug in your FTA receiver, point out your dish and it is ready to watch free satellite Television. These receivers will work with the existing Dish Network or DSS dish. You can select from the most popular and supported brands such as the Viewsat Ultra, Viewsat Extreme, Coolsat 6000 or Captive Works 600 Premium. Generally, you will be given a 1-year warranty included with all FTA receivers and 1-year private access to our FTA forum for FTA keys and FTA fixs.
One of the latest receivers to hit the market and is manufactured by the same people who brought you Viewsat is Sonicview FTA receiver. Sonicview has the best support available for any FTA receiver right now and also the best picture quality. This receiver is highly recommended everywhere. It generally comes with diseqc switch, cable, and remote and 1 year access to our FTA forum for all Sonicview fixes. The SonicView FTA receiver has the best scan speed and EPG solutions by far. Using the new FTA software and much more, it has out performed all the other receivers on the market guaranteed.
The Sonicview provides new features as specified below, which make it a unique FTA receiver. The 32-bit RISC processors give this model the fastest loading & scan speed. From the makers of Viewsat, the SonicView is a very powerful Free to Air receiver.

Features of Sonicview FTA Receivers
Sonicview boasts top of the line specifications and far exceeds any of its competitors.
•It supports various GUI languages.
•It has NEC MPEG Chip-Set - Sharp NIM Tuner (Tuner Symbol Rate: 1-45MS/s)
•You can find Multi-Picture Frame Screen with 4,9,16 Frame Screen & Thumbnail View Selectable.
•Zoom In and Zoom Out Function for Watching display bigger or smaller
•It has a wide PLL RLL RF Modulator.
•Supported by diseqc 1.0 & 1.2 with 500mA Max, LNB Power
•It has 22KHz switching control
•Provides 256 Colors & User Friendly GUI for easy control
•Supports all types of languages such as English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Persian, German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian etc.
•It has the highest scan speed and also it boots fastly. It supports single & multi-satellite auto scan/manual scan supported
•High Speedy Channel Changing Time: Less than 1 Second
•6000 Channels Memory Capacity for Television & Radio Programs
•Channel Sorting by CAS, FTA, Satellite, Alphabetic Order & Network
•Various Aspect Ratios with 4:3, Letter Box, Full Screen & 16:9
•Automatic NTSC/PAL detection and simple and easy video converter (NTSC PAL)
•Provided with beep sound for easy RCU Control
•Has useful RCU Key-Functions for Channel Find, Edit and Signal Strength Display
About the Author
FTA File Support is the best source for Viewsat FTA receivers. Our FTA file forum has all the FTA bins, software and instructions for the Sonicview SV-1000.

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