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Clean up sensitive information in a secure way!

By Alexander Rodichev

If you value your privacy or have concerns about security of your sensitive data, you already know that there is no easy way to securely delete a file in any version of Microsoft Windows. And we are not just talking about the Recycle Bin, where Windows temporarily stores the files you deleted.

Even if you configure Windows so that it erases files completely without putting them into Recycle Bin, or if you empty Recycle Bin regularly, that does not give you any extra privacy or security. The files you think are erased can be easily restored by using one of the many available 'unerase' or 'undelete' solutions. You don't even have to spend any money to get one of those, as there are many tools that are absolutely free!

While it is good to know that you might be able to restore a file that was deleted by an accident, what about the files that may pose a threat to your privacy or security? What if you used your PC for business and are parting with that computer? Sure you could have deleted all sensitive information, or even formatted the hard drive. But are you aware that the new owner can easily restore everything you deleted with the use of a simple free tool?

Smart Data Scrubber by gives you a fast and easy solution. It can wipe completely all the information about the files you were working with, ensuring total confidentiality of your work.

There are other methods that can help you ensure confidentiality of your data. There are tools, for example, that can clean up your hard drive free space, making it impossible to recover data in the deleted files. These tools, however, are only part of a solution, as they often leave traces such as file names and date and time of the files' creation and last access.

Smart Data Scrubber finds all files that were deleted, wipes out their contents completely, and cleans up absolutely all information that is left about the names of the files and all information associated with the files.

Newer versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 2000, XP and Vista, use revolutionary new file system called NTFS. This new file system is much faster and way more secure than the old FAT system employed by older versions of Windows. However, with the introduction of NTFS Microsoft introduced a potential new threat to users' privacy and data security by allowing the files to have hidden data that you are unable to view by regular means. This data is stored in so called 'NTFS streams'. Needless to say that failure to clean up data in these hidden streams is an open door for attacks on your privacy.

Smart Data Scrubber takes care of this problem by carefully wiping out all data stored in the hidden streams.

Smart Data Scrubber is a complete solution for completely wiping sensitive information. It is fast, easy and completely free to use. Download your copy of Smart Data Scrubber at
About the Author
Alexander Rodichev is a founder of Smart PC Solutions company located in Alexandria, VA. The company develops easy to use solutions for daily care to keep users PC in a good shape.

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