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How Experienced Essay Writers Work

By Timothy Anderson

I was sitting in front of my computer, grumpy and angry. The reason for my depression was simple: my homework. I had to come up with argumentative essay writing for tomorrow's English class. We were reading Shakespeare, and to make studying happier, our teacher decided to give us essay writing assignments. She distributed the work evenly: some had to write expository essay papers on Big Will, others – narrative essays. I was among those lucky ones that had to turn in argumentative essay writings. But what could I argue about? This guy seemed like an unbeatable posture of world literature. It was easier to teach a rabbit how to smoke, than to make an arguable point about Shakespeare.

In my introduction writing, I said that there is an opinion that somebody else wrote Shakespeare. Actually, after getting acquainted with all these tons of material I took the same position myself. I decided to prove to my teacher that I have a clear point, and that I've conducted some serious researches before writing an essay. That's why I gave out strongest facts on why the Stratford man was not the original author. I wrote that there were no documents left of his life as an author: no manuscripts, letters, or pamphlets about him. A man, whose own education can be treated skeptically, was married to an illiterate peasant several years older than him.

To give sufficient backing, I dedicated the body paragraphs of my essay paper to the main to-be-Shakespeare contenders. There turned out to be quite a lot of them, but I gave preference to the three most interesting candidates – Edward de Vere, Sir Francis Bacon, and Christopher Marlowe. It turned out that every one of them had grounds for becoming a real Shakespeare. First of all, they were all noble and, therefore, educated men. They had access to the court and knew all the latest court rumors and scandals, and the Stratford man's works are full of peculiar information about courtiers and the queen herself. There were also amazing coincidences between these men's biographies, and the content of the famous masterpieces written by the English Bard. For example, there were certain similarities between Polonius of Hamlet and de Vere's guardian, William Cecil. Bacon's memoirs depict popular paragraphs from Shakespeare's plays, and Christopher Marlowe was actually an occasional spy in the employ of the Crown, which gave him unlimited access to the court and enough materials to use in writing.

I typed "Shakespeare question" and pressed search. Yahoo! I guess I found materials for writing an argumentative essay. It took me a while to go through them, but I really enjoyed reading. Maybe, this essay paper was not such a hopeless and useless thing as I at first thought it was. Now I realized what people meant when saying in essay writing tips that you should really get into your topic. I spent several hours preparing and writing an essay, but they flew by like one minute.

I made a nice wrapping for my argumentative essay writing. No doubt about it – I was satisfied. The experience of writing an essay paper gave me not only high points in my English class, for the teacher stayed quite pleased with this homework, but useful knowledge, as well. Now I know that the first thing to consider before writing any essay paper is inspiration. Once you have it, everything goes perfectly right.

I was surfing the Internet, desperately looking for help. I found at least a dozen websites that offered essay writing tips. I knew them all from elementary school. How to write a five-paragraph essay, introduction writing guidelines, successful essay papers… I think today everybody is familiar with the fact that a good essay has to have an Introduction, Main Body that is at least three paragraphs long, and a Conclusion. The biggest irony of all was that I didn't know what to do with this heavy load of knowledge, as long as I didn't have an appropriate topic.

I tried Yahoo and Google for "William Shakespeare argumentative essay topics", but it was all in vain. I received at least a hundred suggestions to write about abortion, death penalties, and gay marriages, but not even a clue about the famous English writer. Like he never even existed…. Suddenly my hands stopped right above the keyboard. Never existed, this is it. I remembered how a friend once told me that there is a Shakespeare question. Some scholars believe that there was another person, a nobleman, writing under the pseudonym of an illiterate peasant, William Shakespeare.
About the Author
Timothy Anderson is the head of customer care center at , custom essay writing service. Having completed a number of student assignments himself, Timothy uses his knowledge to provide individualized customer support to students, who order custom papers.

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