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Good Email Advertising

By Lance Dwayne Ronald Brown

I thought it might be good to talk about a few of my likes and dislikes about email advertising.I have picked up a few good pointers over the years.Even though a lot of these may be known or said before they are worth repeating.

After all the whole idea is get people to read your emails( not DELETE) in the hope that they will sign up or buy whatever you are promoting.

One of the first things you are going to want to do is make sure you don't go across in your email more than 65 characters a line.There are 2 reasons for this and the first is what is known as "eye fatigue".What this means is if the person reading has to go across too far to the right the reader loses interest.The second reason is some email clients have what is called line wrapping which means your message will come out all garbled if it is over 65 characters.

Next thing is avoid using all capitals.When a person uses all capitals on the internet it is considered shouting and nobody likes shouting all the time.Gilbert Godfrey shouts all the time and at first it is funny but then you come to expect it and eventually he's not funny anymore.So be creative.The odd CAPITALIZED word can add variety however, and can make a product or benefit stand out in your email.

The next thing after that is one of my personal pet peeves.

I can't stand emails that are full of bad grammar.Bad spelling doesn't hurt your professional image it flat out DESTROYS it.It makes me think the guy on the other end can't be bothered to proof read his emails which in my mind makes him a bit of a retarded chimp.

Another pertinent practice you are going to want to do on a regular basis is put your link to your site in your email no less than 3 times.You know the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".Chances are your website has all the interesting pictures or videos you'll need to capture your prospect's interest so make that the goal.Space them out evenly through your email and make sure they work by sending yourself one of your emails.Then CLICK on it to see if it works.I can't tell you how many people have sent me links that don't work.For goodness sake don't be long winded.A little info..then your link..a little more info..then your link..well you get it.What I want to know is who are these people who babble on and on.yama yama.. yama.. bla.. bla..little do they know is I went to the kitchen to get a fork so I can stab MYSELF in the EYE rather than read anymore.Short and sweet or KISS(keep it simple stupid) is the KEY.

Somtimes we are tempted to use uncommon fonts or really loud colors in an attempt to dress up your email.I must confess I used to do this just because I liked the all the fun tools, colors, and smiley's in my email arsenal.All it did was make me look gimmicky and silly along with my program.Remember you are trying to build trust and integrity on the net.Using Ariel, Times New Roman, or Courier as a font style is professional looking enough.

When it comes to your subject line this is where you want to grab them.If you follow the rich jerk's advice he recommends you can even say something shocking like "YOUR UGLY" or "HEY STUPID" however, one must be careful here.Trial and error here with one's own personality will make you look unique (as compared to all those other emails)and will get people opening your emails.I do confess that I have clicked on "HEY UGLY" just out of curiosity.I don't know if I want to be in business with someone that obnoxious though.I guess it depends on whether you are building long term relationships or just looking for the fast sale.You may want to tell the odd clean joke in your emails.Especially if you are loading then into an auto responder.You'll find people will look forward to your emails just because they can get a chuckle out of them.
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