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Tips for purchasing an electric forklift or a pallet stacker

By rick martin

When purchasing industrial equipment, nothing matters more than being an experimented buyer. Or, in the case where you're not such a buyer, you need to do your best to become one. Spending more than necessary or choosing characteristics of no immediate use are only a few of the common mistakes that can be very easily made. That's why if you're looking to buy an electric forklift, a pallet stacker or anything of the sort there are several aspects you need to look into.

There are three main types of forklifts available on the market. Depending on the type of business you're running and on the manner in which you'll be using the forklift, you must choose wisely. The electric forklift is one such type and if space isn't an issue and you're not operating on rough terrain, it's the best possible option. It has the lowest overall operating costs you can find and it's perfectly suitable for lifting heavy materials.

Generally, fueling methods are crucial because not any forklift can be used indoors. Some can't be used at all in such circumstances and some require heavy ventilation. However, one of the main advantages of the electric forklift is that it's excellent for indoor use and has zero emanations. Furthermore, it's got the lowest fuel cost per hour out of all forklifts. In time, this helps counterbalancing the fact that its initial price is slightly higher than that of an IC (internal combustion) forklift. But if your business implies a warehouse or any other type of indoor use, this is definitely the best possible solution. Needless to say, an electric forklift is an extremely quiet piece of machinery (otherwise, it would be quite a nuisance when operating indoors) and it also requires no fuel storage at all. Owing to its indoor use and to the less harsh environment, it can operate for longer time intervals than other forklifts. Therefore, once again, in the long term it really pays off.

On the other hand, charging an electric forklift is a slightly more complicated matter. The total charging/cooling time takes about 16 hours and because of this, those who need it operating in more than one shift also need to purchase additional batteries. This can add a few thousand dollars to the initial price. Also, it requires a battery charging station which needs to be set in a specifically dry, ventilated place; also, special cranes are needed in order to move the batteries from one place to another. Remember electric forklifts are not suitable for outdoor use. Perhaps, in a special situation, a well paved parking lot could be okay, but rain could bring about serious damage.

Of course, there is an entire series of factors that also need consideration when purchasing a pallet stacker. First of all, a pallet stacker tends to be dangerous when not used appropriately there have been reported cases of people trapped under a stacker that toppled over and fell. Therefore, safety comes first. Be careful who operates with your pallet stacker.

Look out for a pallet stacker that's fit for operating in narrow aisles and that has enough lifting force in spite of its relatively modest dimensions. A counterbalance pallet stacker, for example, would be a great option it's flexible and its counterbalance layout allows you to lift heavier objects. Also, pay attention to the number and size of pallets the stacker can operate with optimal outcomes. Take your time to consider how many pallets per minute you need delivered by the stacker: operations range between 6 and 15 (or more) discharged pallets per minute. In the end, the selection of a stacker depends, the same as it happens in the case of forklifts, on how demanding your business operations are.
About the Author
Nothing is more relevant than safety when purchasing a pallet stacker or an electric forklift. Once this aspect is taken care of, look into the variety of available models and decide which one best fits your needs, while avoiding to overspend. Consider everything from indoor to outdoor usage, fueling possibilities, handling, life span and, of course general cost.

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