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The Art Of Making Your Site Visitors Stay

By monica lorica

To attract more site visitors, you must have relevant web content. But the content alone will not make them stay. Furthermore, content alone does not guarantee the conversion of your site visitors into customers. You have to make them stay longer in your site. The longer they stay, the more chances you have to convert them into online customers.

But how do you make your site visitors stay? First you have to attract them to visit your website. Then think of ways to keep them on your website. Here are some of the most powerful techniques on how to entice your site visitors and hook them up to your website:

Long And Friendly Sales Copy Instead of Short Technical Sales Piece.

Research shows that long and friendly sales copy attract more visitors. Aside from that, it has a higher chance of converting site visitors into paying online customers. But writing a long copy is a challenge. You must be able to make it as interesting as possible. The secret is to make it appear like a friendly conversation rather than a technical sales piece.

Stay On A Conversational Level.

It takes a technique to keep the online surfers stay on your site. One way of doing this is to make them comfortable in your website. You can do this by maintaining a conversational level with them. However, you must remember that you must be conversational yet also interesting enough to attract them.

Your website content must be conversational in nature. It should appear to be more like a friendly letter than an obvious sales pitch. Conversational content creates a meaningful connection between your website and its visitors. It somehow entertains the site visitors, at the same time; it provides them with relevant information.

Maintain Your Site Visitors' Interest.

Why is it important that you keep your site visitors' interest high? By doing this, you have the guarantee that they will keep on reading your content until such time that you will be able to draw out a positive response from them which is of course, sales! Each part of your website must constantly lead the site visitors to further explore your website.

Achieve Response From Your Site Visitors.

How can you make your visitors respond to your website content or sales piece? The secret is having a longer sales copy. A longer sales copy gives your site visitors more chances to either agree or disagree with what you say.

Target Your Site Visitors' Passion.

Your target market's field of passion must be your guiding factor in determining what method to use in terms of attracting them. Knowing what your visitors take pleasure from will give you considerable ideas on how to develop your website's content and how to design your website effectively.

Take The Risk Of Creative Content.

It is important that your website contain a unique and creative content. This type of content will put an edge over your website compared to other sites. Although going beyond the ordinary and natural will be taking a risk, it will be worth it. There are a number of websites that puts the credit of their high rank on the uniqueness of the content.

These simple steps give you a guarantee that your site visitors will stay. They will be tempted to stay because they know they will learn more if they do and because your site's content interests them. And what's more, the longer they stay in your website, the higher is your chance to convert them into customers. This only means one thing: higher sales for your website.
About the Author
This article is written by nPresence an online web marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Content Management Systems, Web Design, Conversion Tracking and Analysis. For all your all your web marketing needs, please see Web Marketing Services.

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