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By Tim Richardson

+ When the guy fishing next to you is catching over double the number of BIG fish you are; you really want to know why - and how he does it! +

Well, the last fish caught by the author on the following baits and methods were a 42 pound carp and a 56 pound catfish; a lake record at the time and part of a whole string of very big fish captures; such is the power of the kind of baits and methods described below.

There are many specialized techniques for delivering extremely powerful catfish and carp attractors specifically from the area of your hook baits. These methods can particularly leverage concentrated and powerful forms of amino acids; these are easily available from health food, chemist or drug stores.

'Liquid protein' amino acids supplements are use used for body building. Also used are vitamin / mineral supplements; these are excellent nutritional attractors too. Carp and catfish for example are especially 'sensitive' to the presence of amino acids in their watery environment; so let's exploit this to the 'max!'

These attractors among other very special attractor / fish 'olfactory' receptor site stimulators, are concentrated in a tight area around your hook bait but gradually spread out through the water creating paths of attraction and attractor clouds in surrounding water layers and currents.

This bait mix uses many extraordinary predigested extracts to draw stimulated fish into your bait vicinity. These are extremely attractive owing to their high levels and broad profiles of 'biologically digestible' available amino acids, which are very water soluble. ( As opposed to 'whole' protein food ingredients, like standard cheaper fish meal; with much less water solubility and digestibility.)

Another great advantage of these ingredients is that far more of your bait when consumed is absorbed straight through the fish gut, and the fish get the benefits of their food much quicker than with whole foods which may take many many hours and days to 'digest' for fish to gain and 'feel useful benefits and energy.

(Just like we 'feel' different effects and benefits from our individual foods; some drain our energy after eating and make us feel lethargic – others give us a 'buzz' some short-term other longer term…)

+ Great proven examples of carp stimulating ingredients are:

• Green and blue lipped mussel extracts.

• Predigested fishmeal.

• Predigested lobster extract.

• Predigested fish protein.

Plus many others available from premier specialist carp bait suppliers. (New ones are being developed and 'discovered' by fishermen all the time!)

It is both interesting and very important to notice that these kinds of bait extracts and ingredients are high in digestible proteins / soluble amino acids and are also often very high in betaine. (Not betaine hydrochloride - that is the 'salt form.'

Amino acids, with betaine and mineral salts and vitamins in combination are extremely potent CARP AND CATFISH attractors / feeding stimulators. (Please note; do not be confused – betaine is an 'alkaloid' not an amino acid; hint, hint…)

+ A few other examples of powerful ingredients used mixed in 'damp powder' in PVA bags, or in combinations in dough / pastes:

1. Predigested liver extract.

2. Squid extract powder.

3. Brewers yeast powders (contain chitin, betaine, carp essential B vitamins etc.)

4. Predigested brewers yeast.

5. Yeast extract.

6. Molasses (contains betaine plus important vitamins minerals, traces etc. A great

7. Chilli powders; 'protein receptor positive.' Plus they 'react beneficially' with betaine.

8. Black pepper powder. (And essential oil.)

9. Hot curry powders.

10. Corn steep liquor powder or liquid.

11. Coarsely liquidized sweet corn or soaked and cooked maize or grits.

12. Parmesan cheese powder.

13. Garlic granules.

14. Brown sugar.

15. Honey.

16. Milk powders.

17. Pre-germinated and cooked wild bird food seeds.

18. Finely crushed nuts / peanuts (soaked in liquid amino acid compound)

19. 'Samples' of boilie baits you are going to use as hook baits, plus on hard fished pressured waters, samples of recent 'popular' boilies being used by other anglers at the water. These are all pre-soaked and frozen in liquid protein and vitamin / mineral supplements (or similar) compounds. These are then chopped-up.

20. Halibut rearing pellets; (Very coarsely ground-up.)

21. Crushed hemp seed.

22. Pre-germinated and cooked hempseed.

23. Niger seed.

24. Sesame seeds.

25. Peanut butter.

26. Mixed oils e.g. ground nut oil / pure salmon oil / hemp oil / cod liver oil etc.

(+ This list is not exhaustive but merely a representative one.)

The author has many more fishing and bait 'edges' up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright, but reprints with a link are OK.)

By Tim Richardson. 'The thinking angler's fishing author and expert bait making guru.'

For more expert bait making information and 'cutting edge' techniques see the expert acclaimed new ebook / book:

About the Author
Tim Richardson is an internationally acclaimed carp and catfish bait-making expert and proven big fish angler. SEE his very powerful expert acclaimed bait-making secrets ebook / book:


+ (Even used by members of the 'world elite' "British Carp Study Group" for expert reference.) For expert bait making secrets, powerful 'cutting-edge' fishing information / techniques; see this unique fishing bait making / enhancing book /website!

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