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Buy property in Spain to start your retirement in style

By Martin McAllister

Many UK residents will dream of one day retiring in sunny Spain. After all, thousands of people have done so in the past, and thousands more are planning to do so in the future. Considering the many benefits of living in and buying property in Spain for your retirement - such as the lower cost of living, excellent local cuisine and fantastic climate - why wouldn't you want to move to this beautiful country?

Britons in their 50s and 60s will have had first hand experience of the holiday package boom of the 1960s, with fond memories of these wonderful vacations. Return visits since this time will only have served to enhance the attraction of Spanish property. Additionally, the warm climate afforded by Spain's most beautiful regions will provide much needed comfort to people of retirement age, who may no longer be able to withstand the inconveniences of typical British weather.

But don't think of it as retirement: instead, let your move to Spain invigorate you to start a new life. Many people who set up a new home in Spain are stimulated by the exhilaration of re-locating their life, and take up new interests, rekindle dormant hobbies, make new friends and adopt a totally new lifestyle. Furthermore, the cost of living in Spain is much lower than in the UK; household bills and general purchases are less expensive, as are local community charges, road tax and fuel. This will enable people moving to Spain to enjoy their new life to the fullest, by making use of their extra income to indulge in a wider range of leisure activities.

Two factors that often concern people who are contemplating the move to Spain are the quality of services in the country and being able to grapple with the language. But there's nothing to worry about: the quality of services in Spain has improved considerably over the last decade, with modern hospitals, an abundance of specialist doctors and high-quality education in schools. Moreover, Spanish is not a difficult language to learn and, depending on where in Spain you're planning to move, many people will speak English as their second language - so communication won't be as difficult as you might think.

What's more, Spain's infrastructure has undergone widespread development since the country joined the EU. This has vastly improved Spain's road and rail networks, both within the country and in linking Spain's residents to other parts of Europe. So if you choose to buy Spanish property, you'll be able to access Europe's other holiday hotspots easily and quickly.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and an abundance of tempting local cuisine, the prospect of buying property in Spain couldn't be more attractive. Prospective property buyers will be faced with choosing from smaller properties to much larger ones, especially if they're looking for a home in Spain with extra space so that friends and family can holiday in comfort. So decide to retire in Spain: after all, when you can eat breakfast outside, avoid the inconveniences of multiple winter layers and take a daily dip in the sea, life is sure to seem much more pleasant.
About the Author
With over 300 days of sunshine a year and an abundance of tempting local cuisine, the prospect of buying property in Spain couldn't be more attractive
Martin McAllister is an online freelance journalist. He lives in Scotland.

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