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What To Avoid When Treating Acne

By Nikoletta Bocz

There are many products available for treating and helping to prevent acne. Some are developed especially for this purpose,

and contain acne medications and substances, which clean pores and reduce the chances of acne appearing. Others are simply

cleansers, designed to clean the skin and remove excess oils and dirt, which helps avoid pimples.

So which products are helpful, and which could be harmful to your skin?

Soap is one of the most frequently used products to clean the skin, and for some people is proper to use on acne areas. But,

it can aggravate these areas depending on one's skin type, skin sensitivity, and actual acne condition. That is why it is

important to use a special cleanser that will have respect for these factors. This will help you avoid further irritation

to the skin and will help faster healing. If you have sensitive skin, stay away from fragrant soaps, because the chemicals

in them can cause breakouts. If your skin is oily, use soaps that are oil-free. If you are using products containing a

certain amount of oil, these will add oil to your skin,causing the pores to get clogged and it is possible occurring


You need to pay attention to your makeup products, because these can contain chemicals that clog the pores and irritate the

skin, causing pimples.

It is better if you use cosmetics that are not cometigenic. It means they won't clog your pores. If a cosmetic product

irritates your skin, stop using it and find another one that does not. Product containers contain information about what is

in the product, and what skin types it works best on. You can get information by reading these labels.

Remember not to over wash your skin, as this can cause it to become irritated and acne developing. Also, wash your skin


Do not squeeze pimples, as this causes the bacteria to go deeper within the skin, and the area around the pimple to become

inflamed. Instead, clean your face and use a toner to alleviate the inflammation and bring out the pus.

Choose your acne products carefully. Consult a physician if usage of over the counter hygiene products is not working

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