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Dreaming You

By Neil Millar

'Dreams digest the meals that are our days.'
Astrid Alauda

Through an open heart we experience heaven. I find heaven when I hug my daughter, laugh with my son or cuddle up next to my partner. And those last moments of the day, as my body gives in and tumbles into sleep is a slice of heaven too.

Just before I sat down to write to you today, I felt heaven again, this time I was standing on my patio with a hot drink in my hands and a warming breeze blowing up from the moors.

Today, I want to explore heaven with you, and more importantly, what your dreams of heaven is.

Often when I'm deep in meditation, I have a moment where I flit back to physical awareness. When this happens I just want to laugh. Deep in this stillness I find everything is just superb. I love everything. I love everyone and everything appears to be effortless and possible. In these moments the dream of life is fully visible and very much alive.

But plunged back into a pacey life - with more work to do than ever, plus a day of filming with the BBC, guests at home and social events - I can see that living the dream could be different to dreaming it.

There can be a difference between what we dreams will be heaven and what actually occurs. Take romantic love for example. To fall in love is just a wonderful experience, but often the gloss of that amazing dream becomes the most wrenching of heartaches.

There's a Slice of Heaven in Every Dream

Every particle and every atom in the universe has been dreamed up by consciousness. You and I are no different. In each moment we create our ideas of heaven and wish it into being. But you might argue that you didn't ask for what you have. So let me answer that for you.

We dreams our idea of heaven based on our perception of who we are and what the world is about. The difference between the heaven in your dreams and the heaven you discover in physical reality is therefore the difference between certainty and uncertainty. It's the difference between declaring 'I AM' and 'I hope'. It's also the difference between the feelings that happen inside you when you make the 'I AM' declaration.

Attending to your Dream and Creating Heaven

The challenge we all have with creating our idea of heaven comes down to one thing - creating certainty in our own mind. Try this: think of something you have and declare you have it. Now think of something you don't have and declare you have it. Can you feel the difference inside? Can you notice how your thoughts are congruent to your belief of what you do and don't have.

Creating Certainty

So how is certainty created? The way I create certainty is through action. Through action I can see shifts happen (yes, I said shift). I can measure it. As shift happens I create a growing sense of certainty, that an event will not only occur, but is already in the process of occurring. It's important to understand the 'process of occurring'.


The 'process of occurring' is the experience. The experience is what we are all here for, not the end product.

Knitting Things Together

If you're struggling with finances, you want the heaven of paying your bills easily, putting money into savings and having the ability to holiday occasionally. To create this dreams you have to create certainty, so you give yourself to the experience (see last weeks news letter) of creating certainty.

You give to the experience of creating certainty by taking action - immersing yourself in what you want. You can read money budgeting and money making books or see other books we've reviewed (you'll have to scroll up and down to find them).

One of the reasons coaching is so powerful is that each week you dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour immersed in the experience of creating your idea of heaven. The coach is an expert at guiding you towards your dreams and spotting where congruency is lacking between the dreams and it's physical actuality. It's a lot less painful that struggling on. In fact it's not painful at all. It can be enormous fun! Each week in coaching you edge ever closer to your desire - you are literally creating certainty or the 'process of occurring'. Click to see the special offer on coaching

This weeks exercise:

1. Put some time aside to think about your day dreaming. When do you have those experiences of heaven already?

2. What is your dreams for the future?

3. Come up with a plan to immerse yourself in the dreams

Once again, my deep appreciation goes to you for reading our newsletter.

My love and good wishes

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