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Friendly Bacteria - Probiotics

By Steve Johnsen

Probiotics (Friendly Bacteria) are good bacteria for the intestines which is critical for the body's immune system. The word "probiotic", which is used to refer to friendly bacteria, comes from two Greek words meaning "for life." In stark contrast "antibiotic" means "against life." Maintaining and promoting the growth of friendly bacteria, while destroying the harmful strains, is vital to health. If harmful bacteria grow in too great a proportion, serious consequences can arise. Most of us are unfamiliar with the benefits of probiotics and the danger we put ourselves in when we fail to take advantage of those benefits.

Probiotics are living organisms, also known as friendly bacteria or flora-that colonize and flourish in the healthy intestine. These friendly bacteria are vital to health and to the proper functioning of the intestinal tract. In fact, the healthy intestine contains approximately three pounds of friendly bacteria. These bacteria strains function as a backup to our body's immune system. They promote health by secreting antibiotic-like substances, such as lactic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and others. Though these substances are produced in tiny amounts, they have a wide-range of activity against salmonella, pseudomonas, E. coli and other harmful food-borne bacteria. When the intestine is flourishing with friendly bacteria, there is no room for the harmful, disease-causing strains to implant and grow. Not only do probiotics help to detoxify and suppress pathogens, they also promote proper digestion. Certain strains are particularly beneficial as they produce abundant amounts of the enzyme lactase; and, thus, are effective in helping many individuals tolerate dairy foods.

As the friendly bacteria grow and fill in the spaces in your intestine, there will be no "vacancies" where bad bacteria can implant. Choose to protect yourself from toxins, harmful bacteria and their resulting infectious diseases by restoring your friendly bacteria. Nutritionally, probiotics can be restored by eating fermented foods. However, unless you are eating such foods on a daily basis, you are most likely not getting enough friendly bacteria to make up for what is lost due to dietary and environmental factors.

Would you like to find out even MORE information about Probiotics and how they aid proper health and nutrition?
About the Author
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I wanted to help others find a way to improve their overall health. Many of us in today's hectic schedules do not eat as we should. Now you can benefit from these vitamins and improve your overall health and have more energy.

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