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Hot Tub Heater - How to Find the Right One

By Tanya Turner

A hot tub heater is the most important part of your hot tub. There are different types of heaters for indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and a good heater can heat your tub quickly and then maintain the temperature. Hot tub heaters are also used in home spas.

Isn't that great to take a hot relaxing bath outside, when the weather is quite chilly? Good hot tub heaters will keep your bath temperature the same even in cold weather.

Selecting the right hot tub heater for your hot tub or spa, can be a bit tricky. There are very many heaters available. Before you decide on what type of heater you want, think of how often your are going to use your hot tub. For frequent use, gas hot tub heaters are best.

Different types of hot tub heaters

There are three most popular types of hot tub water heater based on the source of fuel:

- Gas heaters

- Electric heaters

- Wood heaters

Each type has its own pros and cons. You can't say that one type is better than the others, it really depends on what suits better for your spa or hot tub.

Electric Heaters for Hot Tubs

Electric hot tub heaters are very easy to use. All you need is a standard domestic hook-up of 110/220V. No additional wiring is required and you can use your heater anywhere where you have a standard hook-up. Another advantage is that electric heaters are easy to fix if anything is wrong with your unit, and you will not have any problems finding parts for it. Also the heater is fitted within the hot tub cabinet, so it is self-contained.

Disadvantage - electric heaters use a lot of energy which will drive your energy bills high.

Gas and Propane Hot Tub Heaters save You Money

Natural gas or propane hot tub heater would be more economical. So it is better suited for frequent users of the hot tub in cold season. Also it heats the water quicker and is better for installing in the in-ground hot tubs. If the electrical supply is not available, an external gas or propane heater works great for keeping the tub hot.

Old Fashioned Wood Burning Hot Tub Heaters

Wood burning hot tub heaters are actually the most economical. However, you can't use it with any tub. You can only use a wood heater with wooden hot tubs. They heat up your hot tub quickly and work very efficiently. The fuel is Cord Wood or coal. This type of hot tub heater is best for people who use the hot tub occasionally.
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