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Lose Weight Quickly

By Chris Chenoweth

Many of us need to lose weight but do not know how to get started. The thought of putting limitations on the food we eat can be disheartening. However, keeping our bodies at a healthy weight by following a healthy diet and lifestyle is our best defense against many diseases and conditions.

Losing weight can be overwhelming if you are not sure how to get started. If you are hesitant or apprehensive about beginning a diet, there ARE healthy and effective ways to get a quick jump-start on losing weight. Using the tips below will help you get started:

+ELIMINATE ALL SUGAR AND STARCH from your diet. This will probably be a huge adjustment for you to make. However, remember that any sugar the body does not use will get stored as fat.

Since the body always uses the most readily available source of energy first, which is sugar and starch, eliminating them from your diet forces your body to burn fat instead.

+DRINK WATER, lots of water. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, preferably spread out evenly throughout the day. Water forces your body to run more efficiently, flushes harmful toxins out of your body, speeds up your metabolism, and makes it easier to lose weight and burn fat.

+EAT BREAKFAST. Eating a healthy, protein-packed breakfast (This does NOT include donuts!) revs up your metabolism and gives your body the energy it needs to get through the morning.

+EAT SMALL MEALS EVERY 3-4 HOURS. Eating regularly throughout the day will keep your metabolism revved up and burning fat. It also prevents you from feeling hungry or deprived. Make sure you include protein in every meal.

+NEVER EAT BETWEEN MEALS, especially after 6:00 pm. If you absolutely must eat something, nibble on a piece of raw fruit, a low-fat yogurt, or a couple of raw vegetables.

+FIND A HOBBY. Take up a new hobby or activity that will keep your mind and/or body busy, preventing you from thinking about food all of the time. Read, take a long, leisurely walk, knit or crochet, paint, play outside with your kids. Use your imagination!

+EXERCISE EVERY DAY for at least 20 minutes. Aerobic exercises have the greatest fat-burning potential. The best examples are walking (the easiest), swimming, bicycling, skating, and jogging. If you diet without participating in any exercise, your weight loss will be much slower.

The reason that exercise is so important for you is because your metabolism may be slower than it used to be. The most effective and easiest way to overcome a sluggish metabolism is to increase the activity level of your body.

Once you lose some weight, you will become more motivated to continue your efforts in meeting your goal. However, your biggest challenge will be keeping it off and not reverting to previous eating habits. To be successful at losing weight and maintaining it, you must make changes to your lifestyle and be diligent at watching your eating and exercise habits.
About the Author
Chris Chenoweth is the author of the DO-IT-YOURSELF HOME, HEALTH & MONEY GUIDE, 500 pages of household tips, home remedies, diet and nutrition information, health issues and 1000's of recipes! Learn how to burn fat with one of the most effective fat-burning systems available, the BURN THE FAT program.

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