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By Derryck S. Griffith


Apple's I-POD Gadget-2007:

This gadget is supposed to contain technology that would allow the user to hear and download music, access e-mail, and telephone service.

It is expected to be launched in June-2007.

The price tag is expected to be $499.00 (four hundred & ninety-nine dollars).

Tribal Loyalty & Religious Camaraderie:

The difficulties in combating terror in Afghanistan & Iraq are twofold. Most of the Mujadeen fighters are obliged to get involved in Jihad because of Tribal loyalty, and religious camaraderie.

General Musharef of Pakistan is a Moslem, his internal security system are intertwined with the Mujadeen fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan, ever since the Russians were the occupiers of Afghanistan. Plus Mr. Musharef has to be certain that he has the loyalty of his top brass commanders in the military, in order to secure his rule.

Therefore, pushing these two mayor institutions, (internal security and the military) too severely, may create a hiatus of division of loyalty) to him, in support of the Taliban and El Qaeda supporters. Thus creating the situation for a coup-de-corps!

We Will Ensure That The People's Wishes Be Met Henceforth:

The democrats via their chief whip Nancy Polosi, now Speaker Of The House, said in no uncertain terms PUBLICLY, that the new democratic congress will work for the American people FIVE DAYS per week. This is to become effective when they officially take control in January-2007.

Today (January-09-2007), begins the countdown of the first 100 days for this new approach. But low and behold, most of these Congress persons (from both parties), were absent from their offices in Washington today. CNN claims that some or most of them have postponed today's official business to the American people, to attend a ball game.

Well, if this is the so-called new approach to business in Washington, then I would prefer the Democrats to say to the American people honestly, that we are now in charge, so it is our turn to get even!

Derryck S. Griffith.
Educator-Advocate & Blogger.
About the Author
Educator-Advocate & Blogger.

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