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Develop Your Own Business Promotional Items that Sizzle

By John Hanksworth

How many times have you seen a simple logo or design on a t-shirt, pen, notebook, or other popular, everyday item and said to yourself, I could have come up with that! Now really think about all of the simple sayings that you see on trucker hats and hoodies that are worn by celebrities and photographed regularly by the paparazzi. A sarcastic bunny, a stick figure engaged in sports with a simple quote, and a monkey without a clue all have one thing in common- they all started as a silly idea printed on a t-shirt or other business promotional item. Your idea, your slogan, and/or your logo could be the next big thing worn by Ashton, Matt and Ben, or even Jessica. You just need to get your idea onto the right printed merchandise!

One company began its now thriving empire of logo/branded merchandise by having its founders stand in traffic in a major US city while carrying and showing their unique catchphrase t-shirts to those sitting in their vehicles. Patrons began to flock from nearby blocks just to see what was new and make a purchase or two. This business is now a multi-million dollar corporation that expanded its product line to include notebooks, beach towels, coffee mugs and just about anything else that you could think of. And it all started with nothing more than a simple idea and a blank t-shirt.

One of the most popular skateboard brands to date began without an actual board, but with a handmade, graphic logo placed on a shirt. This design later expanded to be placed on hooded sweatshirts, jackets, beanies (winter hats) and eventually included skateboards. The theory behind the idea was that all skaters wore clothes, but not all people skate. Subsequent sales proved the theory correct!

What about a more recent trendy idea sparked by nothing more than a fundraising campaign for a major organization? Plastic bracelets, sometimes referred to as Live Strong bracelets, have taken the teen, pre-teen and tween markets by storm as this trendy age group wear half of a dozen or more at one time, reminiscent to the 1980's Madonna era when the fashion and music diva would wear dozens of jelly bracelets on each arm. And it all started with plastic bracelets worn to promote one's favorite charity.

What will the next hot item be, and where will the next trend lead us? Nobody really knows what and where, for only one thing is for certain- one person and their single idea will be behind it. Will it be your idea screen printed across the back of every teenage boy in the country, or your catchphrase as a heart-patch design on every young lady in high school?
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