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Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys : A Boon For The Golfer

By Christine Macguire

They say there is no game like golf. You go out with three friends, play eighteen holes, and return with three enemies. Well, golf is no longer simply a game of hitting the ball, finding it, and hitting it again. A lot of thinking and calculation goes into it. There is wind to be measured, the shots and the swings to be analyzed and perfected. The game of golf at a professional level requires a high degree of judgment and accuracy. With this increased competitiveness within the game, the requirement for equipment that performs better and allows the players to lessen the physical strain has increased. Electric golf trolleys have become a necessity in the list of accessories for golfers. Apart from avoiding the potential risk of injuries associated with carrying golf clubs, electric golf trolleys also provide an added comfort by helping the golfer to concentrate on the game itself.

To get an even greater advantage, these electric golf trolleys are also available in remote controlled versions. Remote controlled golf trolleys not only carry the clubs for you, but they are also easily maneuverable simply by using two remote controls. These trolleys are undoubtedly very advanced in terms of technology, and have become much more compact with built in features to assist the golfer while on the course. Remote controlled golf trolleys are currently one of the most compact electric trolleys available making it the ideal choice for golfers who are particularly concerned about space or weight.

A typical remote controlled golf trolley has some amazing features. With folded dimensions of just 840x580x340, you can easily fold it up and store it in the boot of your car. Remote controlled golf trolleys are usually lightweight and can withstand years of wear and tear. This compact and convenient machine is also very safe and reliable. But this alone is no longer enough. These radio transmitted devices also have to comply with the particular standards as applicable for different nations. They have to be thoroughly tested against a set of parameters before they can be placed on the market. These rules are very stringent in the European market, and the European Commission says the standards, which cover all kinds of wireless gadgets, will need to operate within the boundaries of specific slices of the airwaves, as specified by national licenses. They have to provide assurances that their products won't interfere with other wireless devices.

The new EU rules cover a large range of low-power short-range radio transmitters. These rules are applicable for the remote controlled golf trolleys as well. The CE marking of radio transmitters has to be based on relevant European Commission (EC) directives, primarily the Low Voltage Directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive. The EMC approval procedure for radio transmitting equipment presently calls for certification by a notified body. The manufacturer of radio transmitters must also receive radio type approval by a national spectrum-management authority. European ETSI standards are being accepted more and more as an alternative to earlier national radio standards and to harmonize the standards throughout Europe.

The remote control parameters that must be controlled include assigned frequency range, frequency stability, modulation depth, sideband frequencies, adjacent channel power, and effective radiated power. Frequency error and radiation outside the assigned frequency band are measured to determine to what extent the transmitter may disturb other channels. Only a few companies have been able to meet all these standards for the remote controlled golf trolley.

Judging by their immense utility on the golf course, this is undoubtedly 'the age' of the electric golf trolley and more specifically the sleek, electrically powered remote controlled models. Remote controlled golf trolleys are the perfect solution to easing the burden of carrying the clubs down the fairways. So, the next time you walk down the course, make sure you have a remote in your palm instead of the heavy golf bag on your shoulders.
About the Author
Christine is an expert Internet marketing professional with experience in a variety of industries like web design, finance, health and medicine, real estate automobile and greeting cards. Remote Controlled Golf Trolley

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