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Common Misconceptions About Plasma TVs need to be serviced

By Soma

It has become must to expose some persisting myths, some of which are more pernicious half-truths and flat-out untruths about
them though the consumer are enthusiast for those super-model-thin, sleek plasma television displays. These rumors are probably due to by any number of unscrupulous TV salespeople to push extended warranties on otherwise unknowing "marks" -- people who have already spent $5000 on a new TV and would have no compunction about shelling out another $250 more, provided it will help safeguard their investment.

The idea that the ionized gases inside plasma displays either need to be replenished periodically or can be refilled is patently
untrue because phosphors are unchangeable every 3,000 viewing miles. A high-definition (HD) plasma TV beats and enhanced-definition (ED) Plasma TV every time is not always true. HD plasma displays are more expensive than their ED
counterparts but it is also true. A good ED plasma TV will many times out perform an HD plasma TV.

The days in the mid-90s when plasma TVs started at $10,000 and had virtually no price ceiling and now with the growing demand for plasma displays, coupled with advancements in
production efficiency, as well as the defect rate of Japanese-made plasma TVs in the U.S. have conspired to bring plasma TV prices back down to earth. You can get larger, better
performing plasma TVs for a fraction of the price you might have just a couple years ago.

Plasma TVs are engineered to have the best possible pictures. Few people realize that some consumer electronics manufacturers ship their TVs "hot" -- that is, preset to compensate for higher-than-average ambient light levels, like
the ones found in most electronics superstores. M so it is a good idea to take a look at the various PICTURE/CONTRAST settings already built in to your TV and identify the right one
for your home. You can certainly mount your plasma on just about any wall in your houseand for that no technician is necessary. The rumor that Plasma TVs give off a lot of radiation is not completely true, it do generate a tiny amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and this radiation extends no more than an inch outward from the screen. Another misconception about Plasma TVs are that they are plagued by problems with burn-in or image retention. Pixels do not suffer burn-in singly, but it occurs in the shape of a static image that linger on TV screens which can be improved by incorporating green phosphors. With a modicum of caution, most plasma TVs will probably never have a problem with image retention. Plasma TVs are excessively fragile things using two sheets of compressed glass taking care to keep the Tv always upright.

Article written by Soma.
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