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Enough About RSS Versus Email Already!

By Lynette Chandler

All right, I admit it. I'm writing this in an emotionally charged situation. And no this is not about which is best, who is right and not doing one thing that will kill your business overnight. Actually this came about quite by accident when a friend asked about an article claiming that Email is doomed, RSS is the replacement and if a fellow marketer and I would agree.

Let me tell you first before I go on that I don't sell any books or information products on RSS, or any RSS related products. I'm telling you this so you see I have nothing to gain by holding RSS and the potential of this technology up in a favorable light. I do very much love email marketing as it has been a key tool in building my income and I wouldn't even consider going without it. So what is the point of this article?

Most people miss the point on RSS. RSS is not only capable of delivering newsletters or updates. An important point to always keep in mind is that email is not the same as RSS and RSS is not email, thinking they are will do a great injustice to how they can potentially be used. RSS offers many capabilities that just aren't leveraged. FedEx got it right when they started to offer parcel tracking via RSS.

Ok, so you want to know how to use RSS without using a newsletter, right? Here are three great ideas:

1. Syndicate. Newspapers all across the country or even the world can have the same article in them at the same time, have you ever wondered how? Radio shows can be distributed nationally or globally; did this ever make you wonder how that happens? The reason this can happen is because of syndication. A newspaper article, radio show, or your website content will show up automatically and right away when it is syndicated, isn't that great.

So in short, how would you like it if every time you published a new article, the article appears on a bunch of other people's websites immediately? No more article submissions, no more hoping an article will be picked up.

2.Affiliate support. Quit making your affiliates copy and paste codes. What would you think if you could have your affiliate's websites automatically updated anytime you had any new offers, specials or events scheduled? Well, RSS can do that.

3.Research! Let's face it; we are all too busy to do research yes to stay on top of our industry or niches, we need to be up to date. On the latest news and happenings, what other people are discussing, what people are saying they want. You can create RSS feeds on anything that will alert you anytime something you want to know about in your niche comes up. Let the technology to the leg work for you and spend less time on your computer.

Finally, now is a great time to really start thinking beyond just comparing RSS to email and start understanding how much can be done with RSS. If you need help understanding RSS and want to get more ideas come over and visit me and pick up my newsletter on marketing technology. I'll send you out emails that are easy to understand, and give you great ideas on how to use RSS and the technology available to you. Don't forget to keep publishing your email newsletter.
About the Author
Lynette Chandler helps entrepreneurs recognize and apply the power of technology to their marketing. Discover how web conferencing can work for your business today at

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