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Turn Your Home PC into a Complete Recording Studio

By heera

Want to turn your home PC into a complete Recording studio to record, edit, and play back digital audio files, this article, describes how and what you need do it.

Do you possess a multimedia PC with a sound card and speaker? All you require is an inexpensive recording and editing software to your PC, with this you can produce high-quality, effective voice and music recordings. The basic prerequisite to get a level of recording are a PC, Quiet recording space, Microphone, Speakers and headphones, recording software.

Our aim is to record a clear, close voice track, so we need a Quiet recording space, which means keeping noise and the sound of the room out of the reach till the finished recording meets all our needs. Professional's records in closet specially designed to keep noises out and make their voice sound good.

To get your voice or recordings into the computer, you need a microphone. Don't relay on the dull one that you got with your computer. Choose high-quality, inexpensive Microphone that sounds far better. Microphones are available from music or audio equipment suppliers. There are microphones for the basic voice work. Choose the microphone that best suits for female voice and male voice.

Choosing of computer speakers tends to be given importance because it impacts on getting quality output of recording. Computer speakers are adequate for recording, editing, and finishing basic recordings, but empower some decent powered speakers to get better quality output.

The net result you get in recording apparently depends on the Recording software that is being used. Choose recording software equipped with all editing features such as with best bit rate, creating special effects adding music and/or sound effects and the software should present your recordings in the formats you desire. The music software that best suits for professionals as well as beginners are FlexiMusic's FlexiMusic Wave Editor, a software for recording and editing.

Part 1: Getting Started
Fasten up your equipment by plugging your microphone into your sound card's microphone. Be careful in this, since there are three plugs there, choose the one that Is written as "Mic". Now launch the software that controls the sound card's recording source (for this you can use the "Recording source" command in FlexiMusic Wave Editor). Then select your recording source (Mic) and adjust its volume at 100%.

Start your recording program (say FlexiMusic Wave Editor), choose stereo, bit rates of 16 bits, 44kHz of sampling rate and at CD-quality. Start the recording command. Adjust the volume so that Digital level meters shows 3/4th volume, if it exceeds it will sound horribly distorted.

To improve the sound of your recordings, get closer to the mic. The farther away you are from it, the more you pick up the room noise around you. Get closer and your voice is closer. Advantage of getting closer to microphone may bring out the lower frequencies in your voice and can make you sound more powerful. Obviously, locate your recording area away from noisy equipment. Some precautionary things that are to be taken care are, put a little distance between the mic and the noise source. Avoid salty foods immediately before your recording session. Have some water nearby and apply a little lip balm. These will keep your mouth and lips lubricated. When you're ready to record, speak clearly and slowly. You can always tense up your recording while editing. If an error occurs go back to the nearest sentence start and continue on again.

Part 2: Editing the recordings
"As haste makes waste", don't fix everything in one take. Record as many times as needed and assemble the best parts into the final recording. Calculate whether the recording done has everything that you desired. If not, don't pamper, go back and re-record the bits you need, listen again, and repeat the process until you obtain the desired. You see a two-dimensional representation of the words as sound waveforms. You can hear the words as you play them. Cut, copy, paste is all the techniques you apply when editing sound.

Early to begin editing, make sure to turn off the mic, disconnect the headphones, and switch off speakers. Delete the unnecessary things that interrupt the output of the recording. Eliminate the junk and move further improving your performance. Never give up to until you get the best result of recording. Do carry out as many takes as needed, find the best takes out of it and build your final version from them.

Make sure of any changes you have done during editing. Analyze, if you can make it better. Check whether the volume is consistent? Are there any noises, background sounds, or other unwanted junk parts that which can be eliminated or reduce?

After editing the voice, to make it efficient better you can add music or sound effects to enhance the final version. You add the back ground effect using the same software FlexiMusic Wave Editor, open the music file in audio software, select, and copy it to the clipboard. If needed trim the music to match the length of your voice recording, then, place the cursor at the start of your voice recording, and select Edit > Paste Mix. Make sure that you can hear your voice recording clearly with the music playing in the background.

Now make the best use of your audio software's to maximize the recording's volume. Next, choose a format in which you want your recordings to be such as, Mp3, WMA, Snd, Raw, and Au. Select the recording which is in the waveform and save the file to the audio format of your choice. Using mp3 or WMA files is useful to save space on your hard drive while retaining reasonably good quality and for transmitting your work over the Internet.

Finally you have done! You can play back the file in FlexiMusic Wave Editor, or with any audio program, such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, and transliterate the recording.
About the Author
The author is a passionate internet user. He is fond of all kinds of music, more enthusiastic in learning and programming music related software. To know about the author please visit

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