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Benefits Of Juicing: Got Bugs?

By Remy Jirek

Take a quick look at the FDA's food regulations to understand the benefits of juicing. Few people truly know how many insect parts, feces, and other contaminants are allowed to pass through an industrial juicer without leading to recalls and fines. If the population truly knew, they would throw out their bottled juices and purchase a juicing machine.

Did you know that mold, insect parts, and insect eggs are all allowable in fruit juices? Per bottle, up to ten percent of the fruit squeezed to make the juice can be moldy. Up to five fly eggs or maggots are allowable for every eight and a half ounces of juice. Can you imagine drinking five fly eggs and five maggots with a splash of mold in your morning glass of juice? Some may feel the cost of a juice extractor is expensive, but isn't your health worth it?

Pineapple juice is a favorite ingredient in many non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Fifteen percent of the fruit squeezed to make pineapple juice can be moldy, or one fruit can be up to forty percent mold during an inspection. Though it sounds disgusting, it is perfectly allowable. Doesn't this make you want to turn to juicing at home?

Tomato juice, another household favorite, can contain up to ten fly eggs, two maggots, or have a mold count of twenty-four percent without being rejected for shipping. This certainly makes juicers every kitchens most important small appliances. You can forgo contamination by washing your own fruits and vegetables and purchasing an automatic juicer.

We all have our juice cravings. If you enjoy wheat grass for breakfast, a wheat grass juicer can deliver a satisfactory product without the necessity for paying absurdly high health store prices. You have the added benefit of controlling the quality yourself. The same occurs with a carrot juicer that delivers high quality product for very little money.

Vegetable juicing is both healthy and affordable. You just need to check your refrigerator, find some vegetables, and turn on your centrifugal juicer. Within seconds, a glass of juice is ready and waiting for you to indulge. You don't have to spend hours squeezing your oranges your self or peeling your carrots, instead you just spend second making your delicious drink.

By making your own fruit and vegetable juices, you guarantee your family will drink only the freshest, highest quality of juice in the world. Isn't your family worth the time it takes to wash the produce and run it through the machine?

So the next time you are thinking of buying a fruit juice over the counter you should consider getting yourself a juicer that you can use at home. Not only will you save yourself a ton of money but you will also be getting many more nutrients than most store brand juices have. Get yourself a juicer to cut down on your family's drink expenses while also providing a wonderful source of vitamins to them.
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Start feeling healthier and more energetic today by joining the juicing revolution with your own home juicer! Please visit us for articles and information that will help guide you to the correct juicer for your needs:

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