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College Safety Tips-A Must Read for Parents

By Tuesday Knight

As your college bound student leaves the safety of your home, are they well prepared for any emergency that they might encounter in their new environment? Knowing that they are prepared to deal with any type of emergency will put your mind at ease in case one should arise. There are simple steps that can be taken in order to ensure their safety.

Carbon Monoxide and Fire Safety:

The first day that your student moves into the dorm inspect the room for a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If there are no detectors, have them installed immediately. The first night they lay their head down to rest in their new environment, you should feel at rest!

Your student should take the sounding of a fire alarm and fire drills seriously. They should know their plan of evacuation in advance. According to The U.S. Fire Administration (UFSA), student apathy is very common in colleges. Many students are unaware that fire is a risk or threat in their environment. Evacuation efforts are hindered since fire alarms are often ignored.

Make sure that there are sprinkler systems installed in the dormitory rooms. As parents, you should know the school's safety policies. College safety is as important as the curriculum being offered.

Send them off to school with a fire escape ladder. They are portable and compact and may be placed under a bed. They are available in two and three story lengths.

Fire Prevention Tips:

Warning should be given to not overload outlets in the dormitory room. Inspect all electrical chords and plugs for damage. Purchase appliances with automatic shut off features.

Students should use fireproof gloves and mitts when cooking. Candles should be kept away from curtains and linens. Every year senseless deaths occur when a curtain catches fire from a candle. For additional safety, a multi-purpose ABC fire extinguisher should be installed within ten feet of the kitchen area.

On vs. Off Campus Living and Safety:

Be extra diligent in making sure that the necessary safety precautions have been addressed in this situation. Check for fire sprinklers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Seventy nine percent of fire fatalities occur in off campus living quarters compared to twelve percent for on campus living.

First Aid and Personal Safety Kits:

All students should be prepared with their own personal college safety kit. Contents should include items for unexpected emergencies. Students have to be responsible for their own safety while attending college. The list below is an example of items for their safety. A safety kit is a great way to keep all safety items in one place.

·First Aid Kit
·Flashlight with Extra Batteries and Bulbs
·Light Sticks
·Water Packets
·Swiss Army Type Knife
·Battery Operated Radio

Personal Safety Devices:

While it is always best not to walk alone at night, it is sometimes unavoidable due to late night classes and activities. You can arm your student with pepper spray or mace to ward off an attack. Pepper spray will cause an assailant to become disoriented because it will burn the attacker's eyes. It gives the victim a chance to get away to safety. A student can also attach a personal alarm to their key chain that they can sound if they feel that they are being followed or in any kind of danger. This simple device has warded off many impending attacks.

Auto Safety:

If your son or daughter drives to and from school, don't let them take the trip without an auto safety kit packed in their trunk. Hopefully they will never have to use it, but if they do it will be there for them. You can feel secure that they have the necessary items to help them in a roadside emergency. The more prepared that they are for an emergency, the more secure that you will feel while they are traveling.

A Final College Safety Tip:

Advise them to add an entry into their cell phones under ICE, "In Case of Emergency". This name and number should be the emergency contact in case of an emergency. Emergency personnel are aware of this and will look in the cell phone and reach out to this ICE number if needed.

College is an exciting new experience. It should and could also be a SAFE one! College safety is an important component of campus life.
About the Author
Matthew Kane is the CEO of Select Safety Sales which specializes in safety products that will keep your home, family and business safe in today's volatile world. Purchase his recommended college safety products @

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