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It's calling you

By M.Farouk Radwan

Help me...
I am feeling pain...
I am dying in here...
I can't handle it anymore...
Do anything... are the only one who can...

It's crying, it's calling you for help, but why you? Just as it said, because you are the only one who can help, because these cries are not coming from a stranger, they are coming from you.

Yes, from you. All of the unwanted emotions you feel, the bad moods you experience are just messages, messages that are sent by your mind to you, asking you to take action. Don't think that the way of calling you is weird, it's the only way your mind knows, It's the way of making you feel bad until you do something or take action. Just take a look at those few examples, see what your mind is trying to say to you, to understand it more:

+ Fear of darkness: This place may not be safe, get me out of here
+Loneliness: I need intimacy, expand your relations
+ Hatred: I shouldn't be with that person at the same place, he may harm/bother/attack me, don't let me stay with him at the same place
+ Anxiety: I am not sure I will be able to handle that, write a plan, make me more confident about it
+Depression: I don't want to live nor enjoy anything in life, until you get me back what was lost
+ Even love: that person is important to me, make sure he is always with me

So, after all, they are just messages, they are just requests to take action and that's why the emotion disappears at the same moment a solution appears even before it is implemented. Didn't you notice that when you are starving your feeling of hunger is reduced to half as soon as the first piece of food enters your mouth? How can this small piece reduce your hunger to that extent? Because hunger is a message, and the presence of the food is the response to this message that's why the message may no longer be needed to be of the same intensity. The same exactly happens with anxiety, as soon as you set the plan and write it down the feelings of anxiety are strongly reduced.

If you found somebody screaming your name for help most probably you will try to help him if you were able to, what if the screaming person was you? Don't let your screams stay for long, do anything, take action, do whatever you can, just don't let these cries stay long, respond to it, respond to the crying you.
About the Author
By M.Farouk Radwan
know yourself.....change your life

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