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Why God Isn't a Part of our Lives

By Justin Kander

I'm not sure about whether God exists or not, but one thing I'm pretty clear on: He doesn't have anything to do with us. I'll admit, sometimes when I'm in a bad situation, I pray to God to get me out of it, but I know there is nothing that's going to help me, and I can only rely on myself. The more I think about it, the more moronic it seems that people actually believe there is a God that interacts with us.

There is a guy who I sometimes see, Joel Osteen. I know he's popular because he's the third result on Google for the query "Joel". He always talks about how God helps people, how he has a plan for everything, how everything will work out. And people believe him. You know why? Because he's talking to people in America, and people in America have the best lives in the world. It's easy to believe there is a guiding force bringing you good things when you live in a good country! Do you think the people starving in other countries, or the people who are the target of genocide, or the victims of a horrible war, do you think they believe there is a God that is helping them? I don't think so. It is easy to believe there is a God helping you when things are good.

I have two examples which support my belief. First, in the Torah, it says that God brought the Jews out of Egypt from slavery. Yet recently, in the Holocaust, nothing was done. If there were a God who really saved Jews from slavery, he would have saved them from that. That story only happened a couple thousand years ago, what would change in a couple thousand years? Apparently back then God was constantly interacting with the people, yet suddenly during recent times he stops. That doesn't make any sense. In the Holocaust, millions of Jews lost their faith, and they were right to. If there was a God, he would have stopped it, like he supposedly stopped slavery thousands of years ago. Not to mention the other genocides going on, even today. Us Americans are over here in our near perfect world, so of course there is a God, he brought us a good life. But as I have said, and I must stress, it is easy to believe when things are good.

I don't know why religion still exists; I think about it, and it's just silly. A long time ago, people wrote down some stuff to explain the unexplainable, and now we actually have explained it, yet people still believe. It would be for the good of the world, perhaps even SAVE it, if all religion was abolished. I don't think there is a person in the world who can argue that abolishing religion would do a whole lot of good. Right now, people are dying for no reason, just because of a religious war. If there was no religion, there would be no religious wars. It wouldn't stop other wars, but it would at least stop the terrorists from doing what they do for their "God", and stop all the other things that are going on because of faith. Sure, there are a few good things about religion; they teach us to do good things, like give charity and help other people, but the fact of the matter is more negative things, LOTS more negative, come from it.

I don't know why people can pray to God, which if he existed with us, would be a horrible being, letting death and vicious pain ravage us. Most of the world is suffering, yet we pray to this God for being so merciful. It just doesn't make any sense. I believe there is some higher power, I am only human, I think there must be something above us, but the universe is huge, if there is a God, he's not with us. People say there has to be a God, or how did we come about? There have been numerous scientific experiments proving that life came about naturally, and with billions of years and the fact that the Earth has the right conditions, life was bound to come up sooner or later. If humans didn't arise when they did, it would have happened later, it was just something evolution was leading to.

Another thing: Many religions, like Christianity, think that people who don't believe in their faith will go to hell (like atheists). They believe that when the Rapture comes, those who don't believe in Christ will have to suffer. Why would God make people suffer for not believing in a certain faith? A true God would understand that humans would not believe in him (or a way of faith) because humans don't see him, and he would not punish nonbelievers because he would understand that concept. He would not expect people to believe in him just because other humans wrote that he existed, and he would not expect humans to follow a certain religion for the same reason. Therefore, anybody who thinks that God is all knowing and great and merciful but thinks he will punish nonbelievers is just outright wrong, as I proved.

I was having a conversation with a Christian, and I was talking to him about The Rapture and how anybody who wasn't a Christian had to suffer and not go to Heaven. He said that wasn't true, it was just sinners who had to suffer. And I said how are people supposed to know God's expectations, and he said we don't know his expectations. If so, how are we supposed to know what is a sin and what is not a sin? The Bible, something which is 99% likely to be written by humans trying to explain the unexplainable? Why do people change their lives entirely to follow something that most likely is not the word of God? You only live once (probably), why diminish the quality of your life for no reason?

I respect and tolerate what other people believe, because anything is possible, there could be a God interacting among us, I just don't see a way that is possible, it simply does not make sense. I am not an atheist, I believe in a higher power, but as I have stated numerous times, I just can't see how it would interact with us. Many people say, "How did life begin? How did the universe begin?" The universe began probably from the Big Bang, but I don't know where that matter came from. Nobody does. As for life, the universe has been around for trillions of years. There are billions of planets, countless of which can support life. If life didn't happen on Earth, it would have happened somwhere else (in fact, it could have), and the Earth has been around for six billion years. There was a lot of time for life to develop, a lot. It probably began and failed hundreds of times before it finally solidified. One might ask, "How did life arise from only inorganic matter?" An experiment conducted some years ago proved that amino acids and order matter necessary for life could be created from the gases that were present on the Earth during that time period. So that covers life, no need for this magic "God".
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