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Getting Organized for Christmas Shopping

By Rob Buenaventura

Organization is the difference between Christmas shopping being a joy and it being a pleasure. Santa had his act together when he decided to make a list and check it twice. We could all take a lesson from the jolly old elf himself when it comes to organized Christmas shopping. This simple little task will save you time, headaches, hassles, and money by not panicking at the last minute over forgotten gifts.

The first part is actually making the list of those you'll be shopping for this Christmas season. Just jot the names down on a sheet of paper or type them into your computer for easy reference (hint: if you use the computer you can use the same list year after year making small additions and subtractions for changes among friends and family). The most important thing is actually brining the list when you shop and sticking to it! It's a slippery slop when you begin straying from your list so avoid that whenever possible and for goodness sake don't buy on impulse.

If you'd really like to keep the list organized for ease of use, you can have sub categories that include "gifts for family" separate immediate and extended for even better organization; "gifts for friends"; "gifts for coworkers"; "gifts for clients"; and even "gifts for pets" if you are so inclined. Once you've made the list, establish a timeline for making the purchases. Those that are for distant relatives can be purchased well in advance while those you deal with daily might be best to wait till closer to time.

In addition to creating a list, it helps if you establish a budget for your Christmas shopping. Not having a list is one way in which many people tend to go over budget and seriously overextend themselves during the Christmas shopping experience. Another way that people tend to overspend is by waiting to the last minute when pickings are slim to say the least. If you wait until the last minute you'll end up spending much more for the entire process as well as running the risk of not being able to get the gift you had hoped to buy.

Great places to do your Christmas shopping include the Oxfam and World Vision sites. You can make donations to those less fortunate in the names of those on your list. It's a gift that gives twice and works wonderfully for older people and coworkers. Not only are these gifts reasonably priced, but they also require very little other than the click of a mouse in order to purchase them.
About the Author
Rob Buenaventura is a successful webmaster of GetChristmasShopping. He provides tips on Christmas shopping ideas, and other Christmas ideas. For more tips on Christmas Shopping tips.

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