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How Energy Efficient Are You?

By Coach Pat Morgan

While out for a run the other day, my mind wandered to the energy efficiency ratings associated with appliances and how we, too, utilize energy at different rates based on a variety of things. At the physical level, we burn energy constantly and can improve our efficiency through diet, exercise and weight control. We exert mental energy thinking, problem solving, brainstorming, worrying and more. We renew our spiritual energy through prayer, meditation or quiet time, or reading. It makes sense that we want to be as energy efficient as possible in order to function at our peak and feel our best.

Where are your energy leaks? Are you losing energy to annoyances that are getting in the way of efficiency? It might be something like a messy desk or unorganized office, constant interruptions, tools that don't function properly, or a project you've been procrastinating about starting. Annoyances like these can be costly, not only in the energy they consume, but also in the decreased productivity and inefficiency they cause.

What about energy drains in your life? Drains are bigger than leaks. They cost you much more and leave you feeling tired, grumpy, frustrated or stuck. Perhaps you are working in an environment that is not conducive to your most creative efforts. Maybe you are continuously facing financial pressure from not having sufficient income to cover your outflow. Or, is there someone in your life sapping your energy - a co-worker, friend or family member?

Take a look at the "energizers" in your life. What are your sources of inspiration and feeling fabulous? Is it time to make a change to eliminate energy leaks and drains and reconnect with your positive energy sources in order to re-energize and revitalize your life?

Four Secrets for Increasing Your Energy Efficiency Rating:

1.SLOW DOWN. Give yourself permission to throttle back on the pace of your activities. Stretching yourself to meet demands on your time, energy, emotions and finances can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Give yourself a break and let go of commitments and obligations that are robbing time and energy.
Ask yourself: What will I do today to slow my pace?

2.TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Build time into your schedule to get quiet and relax. Unless you are intentional about setting aside time for yourself, it will be difficult to find the time. We all have the same 24 hours each day, we cannot manufacture more time. However, we can include ourselves in the schedule and set aside at least 5 minutes a day to relax and rejuvenate.
Ask yourself: What step will I take today to create time for myself?

3.HAVE A MEDICAL CHECKUP. If you continuously feel tired or drained, perhaps there is a physical reason behind it. Having an annual exam can help you stay on top of health issues and give you peace of mind about your health.
Ask yourself: Is it time for a medical checkup? When will I schedule an appointment?

4.BECOME MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT. We can easily become caught up in striving for success and struggling to meet demands on our time and energy. Most of us exert too much effort to create results. Then we wonder why we are tired, never have enough time and don't have the life we truly want. Why not make it a top priority to become energy efficient? Let go of pushing yourself.
Ask yourself: What will I do this week to become more energy efficient?
About the Author
Pat Morgan, MBA and Executive Coach, helps clients maximize their potential in today's fast-paced environment. Her unique coaching programs inspire clients to achieve goals they may never have thought possible. Her focus draws from the inside out helping clients become the best version of themselves they can be.

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