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How to establish the value of digital cameras?

By silberman malcolm

How can you evaluate the price of digital cameras? Obviously brand new models are clearly priced and very seldom discounted. However, once the camera is a few months old and newer models surpass them the values can drop fairly dramatically. This is the sweet time to purchase a digital camera, and the author believes for this reason that you should wait a few months before buying a model. All the time following price variations. How do you do this?

eBay is a great resource for both buying and selling digital camera's. A little known feature is that it is easy to find what sold and for how much over the last fortnight. This feature is called completed listings, and I will show you how to find these and how to interpret the results in this article.

Visite or use the handy links in this article to jump directly to the information. Notice on the eBay site in a few prominent places is a search box. Type in 'digital camera' in the search box, but leave it on all categories. Now you will get returned a lot of digital cameras and frankly speaking most of them are not quite 'actual digital cameras'. The best search order is to set your sort by the highest price.

Click the Price column twice and when the small arrow points downwards you will be sorting from highest price to lowest. Prepare to almost faint as you see the Hasselblad camera selling at $28,000. OK so you have reached this far, and you now can identify the camera you plan to buy your for special moments. You are probably wondering how you can tell which cameras sold and which did not?

Take a look at the left yellow section and find the check box , check it and click on the Show Items button. Now you will be asked to log in with your eBay user id, or to register as a new eBay user. After all eBay is about to give you some very handy information so it wants something in return.

Registering a basic user on eBay is not difficulty, here is a handy link to get you started , and here is a bookmarked link that will take you directly into completed listing for digital cameras, then you can easily change the search word, . Remember to get registered first!

Take a look at the Price column and notice it has been reset to show the lowest to highest prices. Again click on this to change the sort order. Now notice how the Prices are listed in red and green. Red means it never sold and green means it sold. Interesting the famous Hasselblad digital cameras are at the top. Click on the page numbers to find the highest valued digital camera that sold.

You can also find some useful information on the latest digital camera at the site which has the same sort of information plus many other bargains and comparison pricing from other major sites all in one place. The purpose of this article was to show you how to establsih the current value of digital cameras, wether you are planning to make a purchase or for insurance purpose, this will come in handy.

Hopefully this article showed you a fun way to find out what price digital cameras are selling and with a little education you can learn quite a bit on how to find bargains.

Darren Katz is a freelance photographer for the magazine City Values, he writes extensively on eBay and technology and cotributes to the digital camera bargains blog at - which attempts to educate people on the values and after market for digital cameras.
About the Author
Article by Malcolm Silberman and Education Specialist trained by eBay, for a more lengthily discussion of this topic visit
digital camera bargains

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