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Why Use a Home Pregnancy Test

By Gibran Selman

The first place a woman will go if they suspect they are pregnant is a home pregnancy test to get a confirmation. Before making an appointment with the doctor this is a much more private and convenient way to obtain results. Almost all home pregnancy tests work on the same principle even though they come in a variety of packages and price ranges.

Human chorionic gonadotropin or more commonly known as HCG is the key to the home pregnancy test. At the time that an embryo implants into the uterine wall HCG will make an appearance. Anywhere from six to twelve days after ovulation takes place this process occurs. HCG levels will multiply in a woman's body at a rapid rate during the first few days and weeks of pregnancy. It is easier for the home pregnancy test to detect the hormone in a woman's urine when it is at higher levels in a woman's system .

It is usually recommended that a woman waits to take a home pregnancy test until the time that her menstrual period would normally be due since the time frame involved before HCG becomes easy to read. This is the best way to ensure the most accurate reading of the home pregnancy test.

Some home pregnancy tests can be performed earlier because they are developed to be even more sensitive to detecting HCG. As early as seven days after ovulation some tests will advertise a detection of HCG. The earlier in the pregnancy that the test is performed you should keep in mind that the results are less accurate.

How to Use a Home Pregnancy Test

Manufacturers will recommend following the package instructions very carefully in order to ensure the most effective testing process. Some tests will work best if the stick is held under the urine stream while other advise a woman to get better results by hold the stick in a cup of urine for a few minutes.

Since HCG levels are higher in the morning, many tests advise women to perform the tests first thing in the morning. As quickly as two minutes after the test is done a woman using a home pregnancy test can have results. The user will know the test has been completed properly by a test window on most sticks.

A woman should confirm the results with her doctor once a positive result is read on a home pregnancy test. This no only allows a woman to ensure the accuracy, but a woman is also able to start prenatal care as soon as possible Pregnancy Diary-
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Gibran Selman is an expert on the Using a Home Pregnancy Test- and Free Pregnancy Test-

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