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Dangerous Effects of Tanning Beds - How to Tan Safely

By Tanya Turner

Are you a regular visitor to a tanning salon? Have you ever thought what effect tanning beds can have on your health? The dangers of indoor tanning are real, and people who are not careful while tanning put themselves in a great risk.

Basically tanning using a tanning bed is no different from lying under the sun. In terms of health risk it is even worse; tanning bed lamps produce more powerful UVB and UVA rays in order for you to get deep tan faster. Everybody knows that the sun is bad for your skin, but people tend to forget that tanning beds are even worse.

This is the most common bad effects of improper use of tanning beds:

    skin burns premature aging of your skin skin cancer in most severe cases

So you can see, the dangers of indoor tanning are not a myth. However, that doesn't mean that you should never go near a tanning salon again. If you follow tanning safety rules you can avoid tanning risks and still enjoy having lovely skin.

How to avoid tanning beds health risks

For how long you tan and how often make a great difference. And it is important to know your limits. This is different for different people and depends mainly on your skin type. For example, if you are a natural redhead you must have a very fair skin that doesn't tan, but rather burn. If this is your case, you should only go for very short tanning sessions and use a strong tanning lotion.

For an inexperienced person it is difficult to judge, what is their skin type and what time in a tanning bed is best for them. So you will have to ask questions. Tanning salon stuff is educated about bad effects of tanning beds, this is required by law. They just keep quiet about health risks, because it hurts business. But they will have to answer your questions.

Questions to ask before you go for a tanning session:

    What is the recommended tanning time for your skin type? How often is it safe for you to tan? What tanning bed lotion is best for you during and after tanning? What kind of protective eyewear should you use?

It is very important that your first tanning session is short. If you tan for longer than recommended you will get sun burn and will generally feel sick. Increase your tanning time gradually, but never go over your limits.

Be aware of bad effect of tanning on your health and do everything possible to reduce it. This includes using tanning lotion, wearing proper eyewear, using quality tanning beds and having sessions appropriate to your skin type.

About the Author
There is much more to safe tanning. Find more information about Effects of Tanning Beds and how to avoid the risks at Tanning Bed Guide

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