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Add an Essence of Music to your webpage

By heera

Have a website of your own and want to make it more fascinating? If so, then you are placed right! There are several ways to design a website but all of them cost either time or money. To become a website builder or designer it involves learning to make a website on your own or using a program to process it. It is always better advisable to build the site on your own and never depend on others to do it. Either you choose a professional to design the website or doing on it your own higher preference should be given to those things that which makes a website attractive and draws the attention of people to come back again.

The first and the fore most objective of designing a website is to increase more people visit your website and the people are likely to become your customers. There are many factors that beautify the website in a way that every one relishes it. This article goes further explaining the way to add audio or music onto your webpage. These tips get you started on making your own website.

To add music or audio to your website all you need is a digital audio recording and editing software. There is many an audio editing software to do this. I prefer adding music to website using FlexiMusic Wave Editor.

Things that are to be considered before adding audio files onto your website are the download time, quality, and your server's capabilities. Choose the music or a sound file that you prefer and it would be more preferably if it is in the MP3 sound format because these files are smaller and can load quickly. Never mind, if you have your audio in a .Wav file format, you can convert it into Mp3 file using FlexiMusic Wave Editor.

For converting the .wav file into Mp3 all you have to do is, Run the FlexiMusic Wave Editor and record the .wav file format onto it and do save your recordings, for this click the File menu and choose Save. This will allow you to put the audio file in a specific folder. Next, choose the format as Mp3 in which you want your song or audio to be.

Now, either using your FTP program or your web host's file management control panel upload (save) this music file to your web server. Design the webpage where you want the song to load with. For this you need to enter the following HTML code into your page.

The AutoStart and Loop are the features that are to be taken care while up loading the music. An autostart feature specifies the way in which the song file has to begin. If this feature is set "true", this will allow the song file to play automatically when the page loads and if set to "false", the audio file will start only after the visitor hits the Play button.

The loop feature specifies the time or the regular intervals in which the song has to be played. If you want to play the audio continuously, set this option to "true" and if set as "false" it will play once and stop. Finally after editing the webpage upload it to your web server.

If everything is set right and once the music file is uploaded and the code is inserted in your web page and you are sure to hear the music at each time your browser loads.
About the Author
The author is a passionate internet user. He is fond of all kinds of music, more enthusiastic in learning and programming music related software. this site is one among the favorites of the author.

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