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Does Alcohol Affect A Woman Differently Than A Man?

By David Richards

We have all been familarized with the view that women are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than men. The truth is however, that very few can actually back this claim with substance. Below I will take a look into alcohol and how it affects us and interacts with the
chemicals in the brains of both male and female. I will partly take a scientific persepctive, but also examine what leads us to do things under the
influence that we would never do when we are sober. It is said that alcohol releases our inhibitions and shyness. My purpose In this article, is neither to be for nor against alcohol. I will try to be as objective as possible and study what happens when an average woman takes one or more drinks.

We know that booze affects testosterone levels. For men, this means stimulation of testosterone. Since men's bodies are used to dealing with testosterone on a daily basis, men are used to changes in testosterone levels. For women, however,
testosterone is a minor hormone, and when those testosterone levels are stimulated, they are unable to control it.

Drinking causes most of us to lose our inhibitions and do things we would never dream of sober. With women, this effect is significantly heightened because they are unused to high levels of testosterone.

Women's behavior under the alcohol influence may
seem more boisterous, wild and out-of-control than men's behavior. This observation has led many to conclude that women are weak drinkers, a reputation that has shown to be pretty sustainable.

That feeling of invincibility that appears when you are intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs is heightened for women. This causes them to talk and shout louder and behave braver under such
influence. So, all the behaviors we normally associate with being alcohol intoxicated are raised up a notch when women drink.

We all know the kind of danger this can lead to. Therefore Women must be extra careful when drinking.

When you are recovering from a night of drinking, or sobering up later during the night, you probably feel especially
doubtful, regretful and maybe even paranoid. You think about the things you think maybe you did which leads to self-hate
and regret. Well, part of this regret is biological determined. Your testosterone levels are also low, and that leads to
the feeling of malaise and self-doubt. With women, these feelings tend to be more acute.

That being said with biological reasons for hangover, there are other reasons as well. One of the reasons we feel so terrible the next day is that we probably did do a lot of silly and stupid things that everybody remembers but us. While our testosterone levels were flying high and out of control, we had a new, testosterone-fueled alter ego who took over.

It tells you that You wouldn't do half the things he or she did. So, it is
only normal to feel terrible the next day. This is one reason why it is best to drink among friends in a safe environment. It cuts down on the public embarrassment factor.

After your first sip of the glass, your testosterone starts flying. So, I guess you can imagine what each sip afterwards is doing with you. The key here as in most situations in life is to moderate yourself, which means drinking decent amounts of alcohol and not too often during a party..

If you can drink sensibly, you can have a splendid time and not feel so terrible when you come down.

If you are a drinker, you probably know this, but booze depletes your body's water supply. A hangover is mostly caused by dehydration. One way to minimize this is to drink a quart of water between drinking and going to bed. You'll thank yourself in the morning!
About the Author
David Richards is a publisher of alcoholism facts and addiction related articles. You can go to Alcoholism Treatment for more.

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