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Light The Candle Of Peace Within And This Is The Best Stress Management Technique!

By Javier Fuller

Stress management techniques are meant to engage stress. They are meant to meet it half way, and not allow it to score over you. Remember, when you begin to understand and analyze the cause of your stress, half of it vanishes into thin air.

It is so because the stress in itself does not have any independent existence. It is the condition of the mind.

Howsoever powerful may the waves in the ocean be, the real nature of the waves is water! Similarly, howsoever intense may be your suffering, howsoever strong may be the agitation, the real nature of the mind is peace and bliss. When you commence your efforts to achieve it, it has no other option but to co-operate with you.

You have peace and happiness in your pocket. Why do you search for it elsewhere?

Some of the stress management techniques, from the secular point of view are:

1.Do the type of activity that will de-stress you. Walk in the garden on the green carpet, surrounded by bushes and trees.
2.Eat the type of food that you like the most; if you are an expert at it, prepare it yourself.
3.If possible, summon a friend, and take a long walk with him.
4.Identify the negativities in your mind, and try to remove them one-by-one. Do not try for total reformation, all of sudden. Slow and steady wins the race.

A person who is not appreciated at work is likely to develop an inferiority complex. It should not be so, because the man who does not appreciate his work, might be transferred soon, and the new incumbent in his place, might be an expert in human relations management. He may have great fascination for your style of work. When the cause for your stress has disappeared, where is the stress?

Do not compare yourself with anybody. There are always better off and worse off persons than you. When you know yourself, you forget all other issues that cause tribulations in your mind.

Always enjoy your job. Let your place of work be the happiest place for you. Always remember to work for the cause and never for a career as such. Do not try to outsmart others. Do not trample any one for your success. What you do is not important. How you do it is more important! Remember these stress management techniques.

Do not always think intensely, whatever others might feel about you. The best of the people are also criticized. Let the dogs bark, the caravan must march on!

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