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Phentermine Diet Pills Five Decades Old yet Going Strong

By Ethan Hall

Phentermine is the most prolific drug ever produced by mankind to suppress appetite. It has been in use for treating individuals with obesity for almost five decades. It was in 1959 that it got FDA approval for sale as an appetite suppressant. Suppression of appetite is necessary to have a successful weight loss.

As an individual goes on having more and more of food it gets deposited in the form of fat in his body. This process can be reversed with exercises but it requires time to spend. In this fast paced world time is something that one does not have. So, to speed up the process of weight loss through exercises one requires introduction of diet pills like Phentermine.

It acts on nervous system and its periphery and makes the stomach believe that it is full. The feeling of fullness of stomach means less intake of food. And when an individual do exercises he or she uses up the energy stored as fat in his or her body. In this way one is able to lessen the fat accumulation, as well as use up the extra fat.

Appetite suppression is one of the most important things to be done to have weight loss. Without it one cannot think of having weight loss. Phentermine diet pills help an individual suppress appetite in no time. Phentermine diet pill is not a drug to treat obesity rather it supplements an individual's exercising efforts and controlled diet regiment to have weight loss.

As Phentermine diet pills are prescription drugs one needs to have prescription from a doctor to start the dosage. One can also avail online prescription for it by going online. Online prescriptions are cheap and can be availed any time of the day.

Phentermine diet pills are available in the form of pills, resins and tablets of 15 mg and 37.5 mg. dosages. The normal dosage of the diet pill is a pill of a 15 mg Phentermine diet pill a day with plain water before breakfast. But a doctor may prescribe otherwise. In case of contradiction in both the instructions, doctor's instruction should prevail as he is the one who knows which dosage will suit the patient.

Side effects of Phentermine include restlessness, anxiety, headache, diarrhoea, insomnia and change in libido. These side effects are of temporary nature and fades once body adjusts it the introduction of Phentermine diet pills. If other side effects occur one should consult the doctor.

To buy Phentermine diet pills one should get it from online stores as they hand out a large number of discounts. These discounts make the diet pill Phentermine low cost. This drug has been working to thwart obesity by suppressing appetite for almost five decades, now it is your turn to buy it at low cost by going online.
About the Author
Ethan Hall has done his masters in biology from University of Cambridge.For more information of Phentermine, Buy Phentermine, Buy Phentermine diet pill, Phentermine prescription, Phentermine diet pill, Diet pills, Weight Loss Surgery please visit

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